Review & Giveaway: The BIBaDO Coverall Weaning Bib That Keeps Baby And Floor Clean

(AD - Gifted) I’m sure many parents go into weaning, especially baby led weaning or the finger food stage, not looking forward to the mess. With my eldest however I embraced the BLW mess. I loved watching my daughter explore food and learning to eat. Third time round I’m definitely lazier. I often avoid giving my baby messy foods because I can’t be bothered with the clean up. I regularly don’t get him out of his night clothes in the morning because I know when he eats he will need a change of outfit and with two other children to look after it’s all too much of a hassle. The BIBiDO coverall weaning bib aims to make life that little bit easier for parents when it comes to meal times.

Baby about to pick up some broccoli from his highchair tray. He is wearing a coverall green bib with dinosaurs on from BIBaDo
Testing out BIBaDO Coverall Weaning Bib

About the BIBaDO Coverall Weaning Bib

I was sent a BIBaDO weaning bib which is basically a giant adjustable size bib that covers baby’s arms and body (closing with gentle velcro behind the neck which holds VERY securely) and then covers the edge of highchair tray with a velcro strap that goes underneath the tray. Any food that is dropped on the way to the mouth falls into the bib.

It has elasticated arm cuffs and there are poppers to make the sleeves a bit shorter for younger babies. The bib is waterproof thanks to it’s PU coated Polyester back and while it is machine washable it needs to be dried away from heat to keep it’s waterproof properties.

It can be used on any make of highchair and will work well to keep the child and chair clean if used on a highchair without a tray, but in most cases it wont attach to a dining table so food will fall on the floor.

A view looking down on the BIBaDO showing where all the food catches rather than going on the floor

Close up of a plate, noodles and broccoli spilt around the plate and on the catchall bib

close up of plate and food and baby picking food out of a coverall bib to eat.

The Bib That Helps Make Less Mess When Weaning

I’ll be honest and say that I didn’t see the point in bibs like this. I thought it was easy enough to wipe baby and chair down after eating, but now I am a convert.

Most baby bibs have 2 main benefits: they help keep clothes a bit cleaner and they catch food that doesn’t quite make it in to the mouth. The problem is that with traditional bibs the area of clothes they keep clean is rather small and a lot of the food is dropped on the way to the mouth too soon to make it in to the bib’s crumb catcher. Frustratingly most highchair straps are designed to attach a baby to the back of the seat meaning the smaller the baby is (and therefore the less experienced with food they are) the further away from the food tray they are. Inevitably all this food gets dropped on to the baby’s lap, before rolling underneath the legs (to be nicely squished in) or on to the floor. (Incidently the one highchair tested that works differently is the Baby Bjorn highchair (affiliate link) where the baby is kept in place by the tray instead of straps and there is no gap.)

It's not baby and the floor, but the highchairs that need cleaning and they tend to have lots of crevices. I have tested out some of the leading highchairs for a magazine several years ago and with the ones I have bought myself I have probably tried about 8 different highchairs. The IKEA Antilop is the easiest of all of the highchairs to clean, but even that has a few places where the food catches.

The BIBaDO coverall weaning bib works better than conventional bibs in 2 ways: it covers clothes up pretty much completely so it would be a challenge to get food on them (not impossible though if they manage to drop food down their back, but that’s a pretty impressive move), it also catches any food dropped between the tray and mouth. This food can either be picked up and eaten by the baby or cleaned up at the end of the meal.

Far less food ends up on the floor, but of course it can’t perform miracles like stopping my son throwing his whole plate on the floor. Thanks Baby Boy.

A photo of a baby in a highchair with food all over the tray. He is looking at the floor on the side of the highchair and waving his hand fast (it is blurred)
Where did my plate go?

The floor with a yellow plastic plate and splatters of a mince sauce on the floor and table leg
Oh there it is!

One of the things that put me off bibs like this is that you still have to clean the bib and material can be a bit of a pain to wipe down, but it hasn’t been as bad as expected. I can mostly wipe the remnants back on the highchair tray and there is the option to put it in the washing machine if it’s really bad.

What I really like about the BIBaDO is I don’t have to worry about what my son is wearing when it is time for a meal because the clothes are likely to make it to the end of the meal without getting food on them. A fellow fan told me they also work brilliantly when out if she needs to feed her child in the pushchair. It's helpful once used they fold away into there internal pocket keeping all the mess of the inside.

To put the BIBaDO on I attach it to the highchair first, place Baby Boy in his chair and secure him with the straps, then put his arms through the bib and secure the velcro behind his neck. To take him out I clean his hands, unvelcro the bib and fold it forwards on to the highchair tray and take his arms out of the bib, unstrap him form the chair and lift him out. I then clean up the bib.

There are currently 4 different designs available and we were sent the fab Dino Green one. They cost £19.95, although multi buy discounts are available and £1 from evert order goes to charity.

Baby eating food in a green dinosaur coverall all BIBaDO bib

baby holding plate on top of highchair tray with smears of food around

Different view of baby in a white highchair with a mince like food all over the tray and a green dinosaur BIBaDO bib

BIBaDO are kindly providing a Coverall weaning bib and a double layered dribble bib to one lucky winner. You can choose your choice of design, subject to availability. Enter via the Rafflecopter widget below, UK entry only and sharing the giveaway is much appreciated. Give away closes Sunday 29th March at midnight.

a Rafflecopter giveaway ***Disclosure: we were sent a bib for review and BIBaDO are also providing the giveaway prizes. All thoughts are my own***

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