How Epaderm Emollient Helps Dry Skin

(AD - Ambassador Role) I am currently working with Epaderm as a brand ambassador, in this post you can find out about their product range and how they suggest you use their products.

3 varying sizes tubs of Epaderm ointment and 3 tubes of Epaderm Cream
The Epaderm Product Range

What is in the Epaderm range?

The emollient range comes in two forms: cream and ointment. Each of these come in several different sizes:

Epaderm Ointment comes in 125g, 500g and 1kg pots and Epaderm Cream comes in 50g, 150g and 500g pump bottles. The large sizes are great for if you are using it daily on a large area and the small ones make a handy addition so you can take the product out with you.

What is the Epaderm emollient range for?

The Epaderm range was developed by dermatologists for the management of dry skin conditions including eczema and psoriasis. Emollients are moisturisers that calm and hydrate the skin so it is less itchy. They provide relief when dry skin conditions flare up, but continuing to use them after the skin has improved helps to provide a barrier against environmental irritations and stops skin drying out. After all, it tends to be when eczema reaches that dry stage that it becomes itchy and then it becomes sore if you repeatedly scratch it. Using an emollient can break the cycle while you are trying to work out the cause of your eczema.

Should you use Epaderm Cream or Epaderm Ointment?

Both the Cream and Ointment are emollients so they will both help with dry skin conditions. Whether you use one, or both, is a matter of personal choice. They are both suitable for all ages (including babies) and are free from fragrance, colouring and sodium laureth sulphate (SLS).

The 3 sizes of Epaderm cream available and a hand showing how the containers work and what the cream looks like
Epaderm Cream

Epaderm Cream

Epaderm Cream is a non-greasy formula which is lighter than the ointment making it ideally suited for less severely affected areas, day time use and hands. It is a 2 in 1 emollient and cleanser which can be used to gently clean the skin or hydrate it. Using detergents or soaps to wash areas of dry skin can increase water loss from the skin making emollients a better option for washing without causing additional dryness. Clinical studies have proven Epaderm Cream effectively relieves the symptoms of dry skin after just two weeks.

To use as an emollient it is recommended the cream (or ointment) is applied generously and frequently in the direction of hair growth to reduce the risk of blocking hair follicles, even after the skin condition has improved.

To use as a cleanser lather a small amount in your hands with warm water and use in the same way as a normal soap.

I use the Cream with my eldest daughter on the large patches of mild irritation she has covering much of her legs. She likes the non-greasy feel of Epaderm Cream while it also provides relief from itching of eczema without any stinging she has had from other products tried in the past.

A hand with Epaderm Ointment on showing the consistency of the ointment
Epaderm Ointment

Epaderm Ointment

Epaderm Ointment feels more greasy than the Cream, but this can provide better relief from dry skin. It is ideal for dryer patches of skin and for applying at night to provide relief while sleeping. Like Epaderm Cream the Ointment can be used as an emollient and a cleanser, but the 3 in 1 Ointment can also be used as a bath additive.

To use in the bath take 4g of ointment and melt in a cup of hot water before adding to the bath water when it is cool enough. The ointment will make the surface of the bath slippery so you will need to take extra care, especially when getting in or out. Using the Ointment in the bath is a great way to hydrate dry skin affecting much of the body.

I use the Ointment on my younger children where they have localised patches of irritated dry skin from eczema. I massage it in after bath time and before they go to bed.

***Disclosure: this post is part of my role as an Epaderm Ambassador***