The Most Effective Child-Friendly Carpet Cleaning Methods

When you have children, you start thinking more about the safety of the cleaning products you use at home. This is especially true when it comes to carpet cleaning. When you first see your baby crawling on the carpet you start seeing all the small stains, dust, allergens and all the possible dangers for your loved one. In order to protect your child, and keep the carpet clean and free of bacteria, you need to use safe carpet cleaning products and once or twice a year a steam carpet cleaning services.

Children on a carpet and cleaning it safely

For domestic carpet cleaning, you can remove contamination with soda or with the addition of table salt. The method helps if the carpet is made of natural or synthetic fibres. Unlike a solution, dry soda does not harm silk and wool pile.

It is important to try to first remove most of the debris that is stuck between the fibres. Scatter a thick layer of soda on to the carpet for good results. After about an hour, the soda can be removed using brush, follow up with a clean with the vacuum to remove anything that remains.  

The good thing about the method is that it is not necessary for the carpet to dry afterwards so it is ready for use immediately after cleaning. In winter, this may be the only convenient carpet cleaning option, since after any liquid cleaning methods the carpet can take a long time to dry thoroughly.

It is recommended to use salt mixed with soda if the carpet is not just dirty, but also smells unpleasant, and the colours have lost their brightness over time. If you clean a silk or woollen carpet with this "magic" mixture, it will acquire a beautiful shine. To make it you need to:
  • mix sodium bicarbonate and salt in equal parts;
  • evenly distribute the mixture over the carpet;
  • leave for 2-3 hours then vacuum clean.

Child-friendly Domestic Carpet Cleaning Solutions

1. Carpet Cleaning with Soda Solution

Wet cleaning is recommended for carpets with old stains. If the carpet has unpleasant smell, a baking soda solution can also help. The easiest way (only soda and water) involves the following actions:
  • vacuum the carpet;
  • mix 250 g of soda into 10 litres of warm water;
  • pour the solution into a container with a spray bottle;
  • apply on the carpet;
  • wipe the dirtiest places with a brush;
  • leave for several hours;
  • dry.

2. Carpet Cleaning with Vinegar

Soda cleaning can be applied by adding 250 ml of vinegar to the original mixture. If the stains are still visible dry a solution of vinegar without soda. The procedure is slightly different in this case. First, dry soda is scattered over the carpet, left for a while and thoroughly swept away or vacuum cleaned. Next steps:
  • mix 1 tbsp. vinegar in 1 litre of warm water;
  • pour liquid into a spray bottle;
  • apply over the effected area;
  • after 40-50 minutes sweep, then vacuum;
  • open the windows to thoroughly dry the carpet before walking on it.

3. Carpet Cleaning with Peroxide Solution

Carpets that are stained with red wine, berries, chocolates or coloured juices can be cleaned with a mixture of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. In order not to accidentally spoil the pile, first check the effectiveness of the product in a small area. The solution is made as follows:
  • pour 300 ml of hydrogen peroxide into a bowl;
  • add 4 tbsp. of sodium bicarbonate;
  • stir together.

The mixture is applied to the carpet, lightly rubbing it into the pile, and left for 35-50 minutes. With a light cloth, you then need to clean off the mixture along with dirt. When the cloth gets dirty, rinse it or use a clean one until the stain is all gone. After the stains disappear, wipe the carpet with a dry microfibre cloth.

All the described methods can be used in homes with children, as they are completely safe. However, in order to disinfect your carpet, you need to use professional carpet cleaning procedures several times a year. Hot water extraction carpet cleaning is the most effective deep carpet cleaning method that will not only clean the carpet thoroughly, but will also disinfect it. Carpet steam cleaning is considered a child-friendly cleaning procedure as it does not include the use of toxic chemicals. It is one of the most popular methods for cleaning, used by professional carpet cleaning London based companies.

Please note it is recommended you try cleaning methods on an inconspicuous piece of carpet first to ensure it is suitable for your carpet. 

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