How to Tackle Your Kid's Clutter and Stop it Coming Back

Kids and clutter often go hand in hand. Having children can means that your home is bursting at the seams with ‘stuff.’ Books, toys, clothing, games; sometimes it can feel overwhelming to be surrounded by all this stuff, and however much you try to tidy it away it keeps reappearing. If you have reached the stage where you can no longer see what colour carpet is in your child’s bedroom, and kids’ stuff has taken over every room of your home, then it is time to take control and get this clutter sorted out once and for all.

Children surrounded by lots of toys in a living room

Start with Small Steps

Clutter can be overwhelming; there’s a good reason that the saying ‘tidy home, tidy mind’ is so famous. Clutter can leave your home looking smaller and permanently untidy. Clutter makes housework incredibly frustrating as you have to work around it. Clutter also often brings a feeling of guilt, as you know you need to sort it out, but just aren’t sure how to tackle it.

To beat the overwhelm, taking small steps is the best option, just ensure that the work that you have done makes a real difference. Seeing that you have made a positive change will help you to feel far more motivated to tackle the rest of the task. Rather than trying to do small bits in different areas of the home, it can be useful to focus on a specific area, as this will help to ensure that you see the most significant changes as a result of your hard work. You could do one room at a time, and work your way around the house.

Make a Feature

Much decluttering advice encourages people to ‘be ruthless’ and to throw out almost everything. However, not everyone feels comfortable with this all or nothing approach. Some of the items may likely be sentimental, and you may not want to part with them. There is no need to throw away things that you feel you would rather keep, as there is usually a way to incorporate them into your home. The best way of treasuring those special items is by making a feature of them. If your child draws lots of pictures, why not make a feature of some of them? Purchase some A4 frames and create a gallery wall filled with their mini masterpieces. Old baby clothes that you don’t want to part with can be made into gorgeous keepsake cushions; the possibilities are endless!

Get Your Storage Sorted

Realistically when you have children you wont be able to get rid of all the stuff so the best way to keep the house feeling clutter free is to find the perfect storage solutions for your home. For some families, this can be a couple of boxes and bins. However, when you live in populated areas like Ealing, the housing options are just too small. Adding more “storage solutions” could only crowd the flat even further. It would be better to find a cheap self storage unit in Ealing for the items your children have outgrown. You can keep them on hand in case of a new arrival without sacrificing your precious living space. After your old clothes and toys in self storage, you can have a couple of bins to manage the items left at home. Get the kids to help tidy up their stuff in the new storage, and then they will have no excuses not to tidy away their toys next time they play with them. You may also find it helpful to label the storage so that your child knows what should be kept where, which will make tidy up time much more straightforward.

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