Top 5 Tips for a Stress-free Family Day Out

Now that spring has officially arrived it’s the perfect time of year for a family day out. There are plenty of hidden gems to explore with the kids and you can spend some quality time together outdoors. Most parents will understand, however, that going out as a family can be a little stressful. Conflicting interests, mood swings, and fatigue can cause arguments from time to time. Fortunately, with a bit of organisation you can avoid this. You can also try involving the kids in planning your trip to engage their enthusiasm.

the lake at pensthorpe in Norfolk which is a great place to visit with children

Here are five tips for a stress-free family day out

Involve Kids In Planning

There are several reasons why you should involve kids in planning your trip. It will help encourage their interest in the place you’re visiting. You could consider making suggestions relating to a hobby or activity they like, or a school subject they’re studying. This will make it more relevant to them. Show them online information or pictures about the place as well. Let them pack their own bags and get them feeling a bit more excited about the day out.

Research Your Route

Research your route way ahead of time, double-check weather and traffic, and have a contingency plan in place just in case. If you’re planning on hiking or cycling you can use the best online mapping apps to plan your route. The last thing you want to do is get lost. If you’re travelling far, plan your stops and look up where toilets and other amenities are on the way. This should help to make the journey as stress-free as possible.

Safety First

Make sure you adhere to social distancing rules and take an emergency first aid kit if necessary. If you are planning on visiting more public areas you could consider getting a private covid test before you go to give you peace of mind. If you’re travelling by car, give it a quick inspection before embarking on any long journeys. Take plenty of water with you and take regular breaks especially if you’re driving.

Keep It Simple

Sometimes the most fun family days out and spontaneous and simple. If the weather is nice one day, you could take your children to one of the best playgrounds near you. Even a little fresh air will do them a lot of good. Alternatively, you could look up places of interest in your local area such as National Trust or historical sights to explore.

Pack a Picnic

To save money and avoid stress finding a table you could pack your own picnic. There are plenty of fun picnic recipes you can try and you can even get the kids to help you. It’s also easier to maintain social distancing and you can look for a secluded spot. Remember to take all your rubbish with you afterwards. Pack light and take an extra bag for empties. Carting around more will only make it stressful. Grab the essentials and get ready for a fun day out.

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