Review: Action Heroes Toy Review

Gifted. Action Heroes are a great new toy from Flair which will have your children imagining adventure after adventure. There are two series, one has dinosaurs and the other is all about saving the day with a great range of Rescue police characters and heroes. What makes these Action Heroes different from other toys though?

A boy dress in blue looking at 3 action heroes toys in their packaging while sitting in the garden
Action Heroes Toys Review

The 7cm tall characters are collectible and come with different size play sets or figure packs. Having more characters means more fun and creativity because you can pop the figures apart into 4 different pieces: their legs, body , face and hat/ hair then swap the different characters up. You can also change things up by twisting their heads round as each one has two different faces to choose between eg an angry face and a happy face. 

Action Heroes Toys Rescue Series Review

We received 3 sets to review: the S.W.A.T Truck which is a large vehicle with lots of accessories, the Police Segway set which has a traffic policeman, a segway and a police dog, and a 2 figure pack with a Policeman and an Adventurer. My son doesn’t care that it is an Adventurer though, because with 3 police characters we had to have someone for them to chase and he has become the villain. At one point the Adventurer was making off with the S.W.A.T truck though so I don’t know if that means he was beating the good guys or helping out.

My children are loving these toys. I think it’s because of all the different parts they can play with and that they are a great size for 4 to 6 year olds. They have been one of my son’s go to toys since they came out of the box and he has independently played longer with the Action Heroes than anything else for ages. The Dino series is great too; my 6 year old was really drawn to the sets when she saw them at Blog On and played with them for ages. 

A boy is looking in the back of a toy police s.w.a.t truck  with the front in focus and an adventurer action heroes toy is sitting in it
There are lots of sets to collect and play with together

Action Heroes S.W.A.T Truck Review

The S.W.A.T Truck like the other sets has small parts which gives lots of playability, but they are at risk of getting lost, especially if your children aren’t so good at putting toys away like mine. The S.W.A.T truck has over 23 accessories to help good prevail as well as a policeman figure and the truck. One of the things I really love is that the bottom of the truck slides out so you can store all the accessories inside. The accessories include: a shield, weapons, money bag, bomb, dynamite, handcuffs, road spikes, crowbar, traffic signs, cones and fences, a drone, remote control, computer with antenna, robot and megaphone.

The top of the truck has a grappling hook (my son loves hooks on toys, so this is a big thumbs up from him) and there are lots of ways to play with the truck:

  • It has a front cab which lifts up for easy access to put figures in to drive the truck. 
  • There is a middle lockup section for any bad folk and 
  • A rear section you can access through a removable panel in the roof or via the back doors where there are some seats for any extra police officers to stand on. I say stand because the figures don’t bend so they have to stay in a standing position, however there are holes in their feet which can be used to attach them to the seats. There is also a cupboard on the outside of the vehicle where various weapons are stored. 

It is proving a hugely popular toy. 

Opening the box of the action heroes S.W.A.T truck
The S.W.A.T Truck requires some minor assembling before play

close up of a child applying the stickers to the action heroes SWAT police truck
Carefully applying the stickers to the S.W.A.T Truck

While the smaller sets come ready to play with the larger S.W.A.T truck needs a small amount of assembly and stickers adding. I generally don’t like it when toys come with stickers to add or assembly because children have to wait longer for play. I’m also not great at putting stickers on straight and I find they often come off more easily than toys which come with stickers already on or painted features. I like that these stickers have a plasticky coating though so they didn’t rip while applying them and they look like they will last well. 

A young child focusing carefully on packing all the action heroes accessories away in the swat truck
I love that the truck has a pull out section at the bottom you can keep all the many accessories in

Action Heroes Police Segway Review

In the Action Heroes Police Segway set the policeman is dressed ready to direct traffic and he is accessorised with a torch, weapon and traffic light wand baton. He comes with a speedy Segway (which has wheels so can be pushed along) and a dog companion.

Playing with the Action Heroes Police Segway toy
The Segway set comes with 3 accessories, policeman and dog

Action Heroes Figures 2 Pack: Police & Adventurer Review

The 2 figure pack is great because it allows you to start mixing the characters up straight away and they both come with a few accessories. The Adventurer has a bag, whip and map and the Policeman has a weapon, handcuffs and walkie talkie.

Pop and swapping the action heroes characters around
All the figures can be separated into hat/hair, face, torso and legs and then swapped around

While the characters come apart to allow you to “pop & swap” this doesn’t cause a problem when you want to play with them. The toys are recommended for age 4 and upwards so they need to hold up against a fair bit of rough play. The characters themselves stay together pretty well although we seem to knock their hats off a fair bit, probably because their heads are oversized compared to their bodies. Some parts of the S.W.A.T Truck may come apart (our ladder has been pulled off a few times), but I don’t think they will easily be damaged.

Other sets in the series include a police station, helicopter and plenty more figures. The range is available now from The Entertainer, Amazon and Next.

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