Why You May Consider Becoming A Foster Carer

Collaborative post by another author. There are so many positive reasons to consider becoming a foster carer in this country. The one that really stands out is the fact that you would be helping a child in need in such an impactful way you may just change their life entirely. However, there are other considerations too. The reasons below are not exclusive, but they are the most commonly noted motivational factors for starting a foster carer career. 

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Number One: You Have Experience

This experience may be from childhood, for example being a part of a foster family growing up. Or, it could be from observing close friends and family fulfilling this role and feel inspired to do something similar. Perhaps you are an ex-social worker who has been there on the frontline with these children and understands intimately the need for secure placements around the country. Any experience within the realm of fostering is already a step towards a more open mind to the process and all it entails. There are trials and tribulations, but alongside these, there are good times and positive outcomes too. It is easier to step into this role if you know the world you’re getting into, or if you are already a part of it. 

Number Two: There is Space in Your Home

Not everyone feels like they can offer a child a home. Though the reasons are varied, it can sometimes be owing to a lack of space. However, the opposite is also true. Someone may consider starting a placement if their children have all grown up and left, for instance, which means there are bedrooms to be filled. You don’t have to own a mansion to provide a safe domicile for a child in need; it just takes one bedroom that they can call their own. This is one of the basic requirements of all carers and is non-negotiable. 

Number Three: You Want to Make a Difference

The biggest reason, perhaps, is the desire to create impactful change in society. Fostering is a cultural commitment as much as it is a personal one, and no one place is exempt from the need for placements. Every city up and down the country, and the wider United Kingdom, has a call to arms for carers; because of the nature of why children go into care, it cannot possibly be contained to one locality. Finding an agency is not hard, and there are in fact so many to sift through before you find the right fit. There may be slightly varying rules for foster placements in England compared to becoming a foster carer in Scotland, for example, but the link provided takes you through the basic procedures and requirements. 

Final Thoughts

Whatever the reason may be, choosing to start a fostering career is an honorable decision. The change you can make to one young person’s life is more significant than you may realise and it is something that they may carry with them for the rest of their lives. 

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