Round Up: Best Family Board Games To Buy

We have had lots of fun playing the family games I have been sent to review recently so I have created this round up post to help you find the best games for you to buy whether it’s for your own family or a gift for someone else. I have divided the recommendations into: best for Teens and Tweens (so families with older children) and Best For Families which are more suited to those with younger children.

playing a board game with family
Family board games are a great way to get the family together, but which ones are best for your family

While I have called these board games, I am being pretty generous in my interpretation of what a board game is. All the games come in a box and can be played on a table top. While a few of them involve an actual board you move around, not all of them do.

Click through to read my full reviews including what we liked and didn’t like about each game. All games were gifted or received as part of ADs, but reviews are my honest opinion. Lots of these games are new out in 2022.

Best Family Board Games Round Up

Fun Board Games Recommendations For Tweens and Teens

These Board Games for Tweens and Teens all have an extra element that require children to be a little bit older to really enjoy playing. The games suggested require a level of memory, strategy, drawing or writing that make them more fun to play with children age 10 and older.

Enchanted Forest

This game from Ravensburger is recommended for age 4 and upwards, but I enjoy it most playing with my 11 year old (and adults) because it is faster paced and you can bring the classic rules into play which make it more competitive. It is a fairy tale theme which might put off children who think they are “too cool” for that sort of thing, but if they can get past that they will have lots of fun.

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Close up of Enchanted Forest Family Board Game
Set in a fairy tale land I personally think Enchanted Forest is more fun played with Tweens upwards

The #UpsideDown Challenge Game

Also by Ravensburger, this game involves putting on a pair of goggles that flip your vision and completing challenges. Great for teens who like a laugh, but not so good if you wear glasses. 

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Playing the Upside Down Challenge Game wearing goggles that make everything look upside down
The goggles in the #UpsideDown Challenge game flip your vision upside down

Word Master

A word game from Character Options where you have to guess the 5 letter word by spelling it out with tiles. Fans of Wordle should enjoy this game where your guess is marked with yellow and green tiles to show how close you got to the chosen word.

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Playing Word Master and guessing the 5 letter word
Can you guess the 5 letter word first?

Chess Teacher

Chess is an absolutely classic game for 2 people, but it can be a little challenging to start because of all the rules to remember. Chess Teacher by Spin Master makes it easier because each piece has its name on, the directions it can move and how many spaces. A great way to get teens or tweens started playing chess.

Chess Teacher box, board and pieces showing the moves and names on
Chess Teacher makes it easier for children to learn how to play Chess

Board Games That Can Be Enjoyed By The Whole Family

To be a good family board game it needs to be simple enough for younger children to play while still interesting for adults, without them having to hold back too much. These games all meet these criteria. 

Goose on the Loose!

This Orchard Toys game involves moving round a board to try and collect 6 geese which match the colours on your game card. It requires luck rather than skill making it ideal for younger children. However as you can lose geese (and have to shout “Goose on the loose!”) you can never be quite sure how your journey will go. 

Playing Goose on the loose! by Orchard Toys
Enjoy shouting "Honk" and "Goose on the Loose!" in this Orchard Toys game

Seek & Find Flowers & Bugs

This game from Tactic requires player to race against each other to spot animals on the board and point to them. The winner of each round gets a plastic bug as a token to keep count. 

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Seek & Find Flowers & Bugs games pieces
Race to try and spot the animals that match the cards first in Seek & Find

Treasure of Monkey Island

In this game you play a monkey who is trying to steal a pirate captains gold. It is a little bit more complicated than the other games in this section, but after a few goes children should be able to remember how to play.

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Playing Treasure of Monkey Island
Play as a monkey who wants to steal the pirate captains treasure in Treasure of Monkey Island


This game can be adapted for younger players, but in the full version you role the dice and have to race against everyone to collect as many game pieces which match the dice. Each piece is magnetic and creates a stack as you collect them. The winner is whoever collects the most. It is really quick to understand how to play so everyone from preschoolers to grand parents will enjoy it.

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Clack tiles and dice
Spot the matching tiles and stack them as quickly as you can in Clack!

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