Review: Odds Farm Park Christmas Spectacular

PR Invite. The Odds Farm Park grotto experience returns for Christmas 2022 and I was invited to check out the Christmas Spectacular with my family. It's a lovely day out which includes several experiences as well as seeing the big man himself and you are welcome to spend the rest of the day at the farm which includes a soft play and large cafe so everyone can warm up on colder or wet days. 

two children in front of a north pole display cuddling bears they made at Odds Farm Park Christmas Spectacular
Hugging their cuddly creations they made during the Odds Farm Park Christmas Spectacular

Odds Farm Park Christmas Spectacular Review

What is the Odds Farm Park Christmas Spectacular?

The Christmas Spectacular is located inside Odds Farm Park. You can arrive any time after opening and enjoy the farm before your Christmas booking, but arrive at least 15 minutes beforehand to give you enough time to park, go through the ticket barrier and get to the candy canes to enter the North Pole. Make sure the children have their special passports on hand so they can get stamps as they go round.

Children looking at a tree with magic glasses and an elf at Odds Farm Park review
Looking at the lights on the tree transformed into snowmen with a friendly elf

You are met at the entrance to the North Pole by an elf who will hand you a pair of holographic glasses. You then walk through the sparkling enchanted woodland and the special glasses turn all the fairy lights on the trees into snowmen. 

Helping plan the route for Father Christmas' sleigh

First stop is mission control where an elf takes in one family at a time. You get to see the world map where they are planning their route and also catch a glimpse of the naughty and nice list on a screen. My children were amused to see our names (the adults) on the naughty list and theirs (the children) on the nice list.

Next stop is Father Christmas. Children will enjoy a chat about whether they have tried to be good and what they want for Christmas. I was relieved to hear that my children are being consistent in their wish for Pokemon cards (Little) and "two dinosaurs" (BB). The elf will take a photo and the children get given a Christmas biscuit (ingredients are just flour, Vitalite and sugar) . 

You then head out of the Father Christmas area back into the normal areas of Odds Farm Park where you can check out and buy the photo the elf took. The photos start at £7 for one print or £6 for a keyring/magnet. You get a free digital copy of any photo you buy which is available instantly if you scan the QR code the elf gave you. I think this is set at a really good competitive price. 

A selection of tree decorations to be decorated at Odd Farm Park
Peel the yellow stickers off and pour on coloured sand to make a tree decoration 

The Christmas Spectacular experience isn't over yet though as you continue along the corridor and outside to where two Nutcrackers are and enter the Workshop to do crafts with Mother Christmas. There are lots of bowls of different coloured sand and children can choose a card tree decoration to decorate. You peel off the yellow parts on the decoration to reveal a sticky area to pour sand onto. I’ve not seen this activity before and it’s nice because it’s fun and pretty easy to do. Even though we peeled off the wrong bits ours still look good and they are now hanging on our tree.  

Making a teddy tastic white bear with scarf at Odds Park Farm Christmas grotto
Helping to stuff a cuddly bear with an elf

Next you go through the curtains to Cuddle Creation to make your own soft toy (from Teddy Tastic). You can choose a heart, stuff the bear and complete the birth certificate. 

A child in the toy shop choosing a present from Father Christmas from a huge range of choices
Choose your gift from a huge range of choices for all ages in the Christmas Spectacular Toy Shop

You get the final stamp on your passport in the special toy shop where children can choose a gift of their choice. There is a really good range of toys for all ages so they are bound to find something they like. 

The Christmas magic continues after the Spectacular as you can:  make reindeer food (a mixture of seeds) to leave for the reindeer on Christmas Eve, visit the Elf Academy, watch the magical Tree by Twinklelight, have various Christmas photo ops and watch the Acapella penguins sing Christmas classics. 

The tree puts on a light and music show at half past the hour from 9.30am to 8.30pm.
Elf Academy is on the hour between 11am and 5pm.
The penguins sing every so often thoughout the day in the cafe area. 

A cappella penguins signing at Odds Farm Park
Listen to Christmas songs sung by these 3 very talented penguins

What We Thought Of The Christmas Spectacular

We had a lovely visit to the Odds Farm Park Christmas Spectacular. The elves and staff were really friendly and the activities nicely thought through. The decorations and layout weren't as wow as some other Christmas experiences we have been on, but it feels more intimate and personal which is lovely. 

It is a good Christmas grotto for families who want more than just the Santa visit, but that might struggle with a longer Christmas experience due to shorter attention spans and weaker bladders.  I love that you can also spend the whole day at Odds Farm Park making it better value for money than a standalone event. Having inside areas to warm up really helps too. 

Watching two elves wearing green and red at Odds Farm Park elf academy
Training to become an elf at Odds Farm Park Elf Academy 

What Else Is There To Do At Odds Farm Park?

There is plenty more to do during your visit to Odds Farm Park:

  • Wander around the inside animal enclosure to see a range of farm animals. You might even be lucky enough to see some newborn Jacob Sheep. There are activities taking place in the barn during the day including the chance to get hands on with rabbits or see a cow being milked. You can also buy animal feed for ever hungry goats and other animals. 
  • Outdoor play areas including a sand pit are all open for the hardier children that want to run around in the cold. You might want to grab a hot drink to keep you warm while you watch. 
  • Play on the go-karts and pedal tractors.
  • Play in the indoor Play barn soft play which has a great play frame, big slides and an area for younger ones too. 
  • Grab a bite to eat in the warm and cozy cafe.

A Christmas tree which does special light shows at Odds Farm Park this December
Special Twinklelight tree show with lights, music and even snow

Things To Know Before Visiting Odds Farm Park Christmas Spectacular

  • You wont need wellies for the Christmas Spectacular, however if your children are going to want to go on the outside play equipment they are worth wearing. Warm clothes are advisable too.
  • They ask for pushchairs to be left outside the Christmas areas unless essential and only single width pushchairs will fit through the narrow corridors.
  • Bring a bag so you have somewhere to store everything you get. 
  • The 2022 Christmas Spectacular runs from 3rd to 24th December. 
  • Peak price tickets are £39.95 for children but accompanying adults, as well as older children who don't want to take part but want to accompany younger siblings, are £13.95. Only the Christmas Spectacular ticket holders will get the biscuit, bear, Christmas craft and gift.
  • There is low availability of tickets remaining, with mostly tickets later in the day available. If you have a late afternoon ticket make sure to arrive early so you can do Elf Academy before you are due at the North Pole.
  • Odds Farm Park is in Buckinghamshire near Beaconsfield. Address: Wooburn Common, High Wycombe, Bucks, HP10 0LX
  • There is plenty of free parking.

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