My baby at 2 months old

A delayed update about Little written at 2 months.
2 month old baby in a grey party dress
Little at 2 months old
At 2 months little is nursing less often than when she was born and seems to “milk” me (squeezing the boob to control the flow of milk).
She feeds generally for 10 minutes unless she is sleepy when it will be double that, feeding is generally every 2 to 3 hours.
Still feeding in the cradle position
Little 1 to 2 months

Sleep continues to be ok (she normally sleeps without a problem between feeds at night). The initial stretch of sleep at night is the longest. We have had a couple of 6 hour stretches, but the long stretch can be as short as 2 1/2 hours. She sleeps for about 5 hours in the day, but preferably in the sling or with movements.
No pattern to naps, when she goes to bed or when she wakes up.
I'm not going to complain about any of this as she is much better than her sister and I normally get enough sleep.

Weighs 5.7kg
Measures 60cm
In 0 to 3 months clothes, but some are too small
In size 2 nappies
Mama sweatshirt and baby
Me and Little
Little enjoys lying under the play gym and grabs at the toys.
She is getting better at reaching for things and grabbing at them. Her muscles are getting stronger (noticeable when she holds on to us and she can take some weight when standing up (with support).
She is interested in watching family (or the TV).
She loves having a big kick about.
She holds onto us in what feels like a hug and eats her hands a lot.

Little gives social smiles (started at 6 weeks). 
Gives a big smile to me, her Dad or sister when we go to pick her up in the morning.
Gurgles, coo's and has conversations with us.
Sisters in Big sister, Little sister t-shirts
M and Little
Little is generally a relaxed and happy baby.
She went through a developmental leap for the last week before being 2 months old and was noticeably fussier in the afternoons/ early evening. She found it harder to get to sleep (normal rocking methods not always working) and was crying more.

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