My baby at 3 months

I was getting Little dressed at the weighing clinic today and the lady next to me was getting her newborn dressed. The newborn was small, wrinkly, curled up and had that cute newborn cry. I looked at the 2 babies next to each other, Little is not so Little any more. At 3 months Little is increasingly interactive and interested in the world around her, she’s finding new ways to communicate and is getting big.
A newborn sleep suit next to a 3 year old baby
Newborn to now

The last week Little has been less interested in milk, but I think this is because she has a cold (she's definitely snotty). In the last few weeks she has refused to feed at times. Previously whatever her reason for crying (tiredness, boredom, pain) she has accepted the boob when offered, now it isn’t a cure all.
In the day she will feed anywhere between every hour to every 4 hours. At night she is normally waking for only 1 or 2 feeds.

Little is still not very good at napping. If I’m driving or walking around with her in the sling she will have a decent sleep, but otherwise she won’t nap for longer than 40 minutes and often not that long.
At night she now wants to go to bed around 7pm and will get really upset if kept up later. She is sleeping well and has managed several nights recently with a stretch of sleep over 7 hours (one 9 hours!!!). There have also been nights where she has wanted a feed every 2 to 3 hours.
White noise is helping her settle as is her new trick of sucking her thumb. 

Little is currently measuring 62.5 cm long. She has been in 3 to 6 months clothes for a few weeks and has moved up to size 3 nappies.
Her weight it currently 6.29 kg which has dropped down to 75th percentile (she was closer to 91st). I don’t know if that is due to her recent reduction in appetite or she is becoming more lean.
I have noticed that her hair is growing, but there is still a bald patch at the back where it continues to get rubbed off with her head shaking in bed.
9 pictures of a baby from 2 months to 3 months old
Little 2 to 3 months
It has been really obvious in the last month that Little needs much more stimulation. If it’s just the two of us at home all day she will get a bit cranky. At baby groups she isn’t paying much attention to the toys but she loves the stimulation of being out and looking around. When out in the sling she will spend much longer awake and watching the world go by before she falls asleep.
Little started sucking her hand at the beginning of this month which has progressed to thumb sucking. She is also able to get other items into her mouth (but not smoothly). I’m going to need to start making sure small toys aren't lying around.
She is getting stronger and can sit up with a small amount of support for several minutes before slumping or falling side ways. If we hold on to her hands she can be pulled up to standing and take much of her weight. She has rolled from her back to side a few times during the month, but doesn’t do it regularly.
Little is intentionally reaching for and grabbing toys on her chair and gym. She enjoys bath time and having a splash about.

Little is a happy baby and smiles lots. She makes a noise like she is trying to laugh, but it doesn’t resemble a giggle yet. She has long conversations with family members and has started to pay attention to other babies when she is out.

Little is dribbling a lot and has started to stick her tongue out.
In the last week her umbilical hernia has gone.
Little’s digestive system seems to be maturing as she is pooping less (roughly once a day) and spitting up less often.

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