Ten great reasons to have a baby

Heavily pregnant and trying to remember why you are doing this? Need ideas to convince your partner to have a baby? Or just wondering why you have subjected yourself to the lack of sleep after baby kept you awake half the night? Here are 10 great reasons everyone should want a baby...

1. Babies are super cute. Pretty much all of my most liked pictures on social media are of my children.
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2. You never have to be lonely again. Not even when you go to the toilet or in the middle of the night when you thought you wanted to be asleep. 

3. You have a survival ticket for boring social events. Are you at a daytime gathering and everyone is boring? You can just chat with your baby. Evening event not what you expected? Just say "sorry I need to get home for my baby". Even if people are at your house you can get a way for at least half an hour by saying you need to go feed baby somewhere quiet or you need to get them down for their nap.

4. You get paid time off work and even up to a year off if you want. Admittedly it would be cheaper to take a year off work unpaid than to bring up a child, but companies tend not to be so tolerant of that.

5. When you are pregnant it is the only time in your life that people won't call you fat if you pile on the pounds. Yes they might say you are "big", but that's just your bump right? Yes I know that when you are pregnant it doesn't give you a free ticket to eat cakes and biscuits non stop, and yes that "baby weight" might take forever to come off, but why not take advantage of the elasticated maternity trousers and floaty tops? For 9 months it will be worth it.
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6. You make new friends. Having a baby means you instantly have conversation topics you can use with any other parents from talking about the birth to bragging about their latest milestones. Small talk is made easy. No more need for "beautiful weather we are having" or "house prices are a bit steep round here aren't they?"

7. You have an excuse for mess and being a mess. A messy house and car can be acceptable because it means you are spending more time caring for your child. Going out with dirty hair and unironed clothes? Totally normal in the first year. Strange mark on your clothes? Can't be helped. Badly wrapped presents or poorly decorated cake? "Oh I let Little help," honest.

8. You have a reason to be a big kid. Playgrounds, soft play, bouncy castles, toy shops... It's not only acceptable, but actually encouraged for you to play on with supervise your child.
A daddy enjoying going down the slide
9. You discover just how efficient you can be. If you have any baby free time and you choose not to spend it sleeping you manage to get everything done at 4 times the speed of a normal person. In a couple of hours you can tidy the house, wrap presents, bake a cake and put some washing on.

10. When your child gives you a big grin or laughs it heals everything. The tiredness, unhappiness, pain. The fix might not be permanent but you know there is more to come.
A baby in an "exhausting" vest giving a big smile

Tomorrow I will be posting ten great reasons not to have a baby... but by then it might be too late!

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