My Baby at 4 months

So Little is now 4 months old. Time is moving so quickly. Every day she is showing more personality. Little is communicating more and starting to be on the move.
4 month old baby girl in vintage mothercare littlebird
Little at 4 months old

Little continues to have milk at variable intervals both day and night. She is having milk to go to sleep at nap times so when we are at home she is mostly having milk when tired, when she is out and isn’t napping as much she has more and shorter feeds. Most nights she is only having one night feed, so some nights she is going 8 hours or more without milk. 

Little has started to be able to nap on her own. Pretty much as soon as she turned 3 months I noticed she was starting to get really really cranky during the day. I did all the normal things but they didn’t work, so I tried putting her in her sleeping bag in a dark room, turned on the white noise and fed her. I then put her down in her cot and she stayed asleep! When we spend a day at home she will nap for up to 5 hours either in a series of short naps or a combination of one long and several short naps. Yesterday (so just before 4 months) she didn’t have a nap in the morning so when we got in and I put her down for a nap she slept for nearly 4 hours!
I’m putting Little to bed around 6.30, but how easily she goes to sleep depends on when she woke up from the last nap.
Around 16 weeks there was a regression in her sleeping and Little was finding it much harder to stay asleep when we put her down. It was taking much longer to get her to sleep in the evening and at some point in the night she would wake up and not go back to sleep for an hour. It seems to have improved in the last couple of days and I am hoping it’s the 4 month sleep regression starting to move on, but I realise that is wishful thinking.

Little is currently measuring 64.5 cm long. She is still in size 3 to 6 months clothes and size 3 nappies.
Her weight it currently 7 kg so after dropping to 75th percentile last month she has continued on that line.

Little is now able to move by stealth. When left on the mat or play gym she manages to change her direction and move up to a foot through wiggling around. She is now frequently rolling on to her side. She has rolled back to front a few times and yesterday I left her on her front while I left the room and came back to her on her back. 
She loves it when I sing to her and do rhymes with actions. We go to a music class and she really enjoys listening to the music and watching the teacher. 
She is exploring more toys and gripping better (with full fist) but generally uses this skill to get the item into her mouth. She even grabbed a piece of pizza off my plate and took it straight to her mouth (where I quickly took it off her). The ability to grab and her strength means I have to be careful what I leave in her reach especially when she is sitting on my lap at the table.
Little is continuing to get stronger core muscles and I have sat her in a high chair a few times with minimal support for short periods and she has been able to support herself. She tends to slump to her side or forwards because she wants to chew on the chair before her muscles tire. Last month she would sit on the corner of the sofa for a while, but now she pushes herself forwards (rather than falls). She enjoys spending time on her tummy.
We went swimming this month and she spent half an hour in the water happily floating around and having a splash.
Little month 3 to 4
Little continues to be a happy baby and smiles lots at family and at strangers who chat to her. She generally only gets cranky if she wants a feed or a nap so when we are at home we can go pretty much the whole day without crying (if I manage to time the naps correctly).
Little is making a wider range of noises with screeching and squawking noises joining the cooing. She can make multiple noises in a sentence when she is having her chats with us. 
I have started to consider doing some basic signing with her as she seems to be paying attention to hand movements. She often seems to be trying to copy e.g. raises her arms and moves them when we are waving.


Little continues to be very dribble and spits up. She had a week where the spit up seemed to smell like vomit rather than milk, but I think it was linked to her was due to her digestion developing than an illness.


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