Cool about school?

I thought I was OK about M starting school in September. Being a September baby most of the children she has been "friends" with since birth started school last year. I felt then it was too early for her to go to school, but this year I've been fine about it, she's ready. She hasn't been very happy at nursery this year because she has outgrown it. She needs more stimulation, more of a challenge. The emotional support the nursery staff provide is great for her, but in relation to everything else she is ready for school.

Selecting the school choices at Christmas I was fine.

For the first few months of this year when people asked if I was nervous about which school she would get into I was all "nope, it's fine, nothing I can do until they come out".

Last month when the results came out and M got into our first choice school I was all "Yay, great, but it's ages away".

Then last week I received a letter from the school inviting us to an information evening and an induction morning for M. Next month!!! M has to spend a morning at school next month! That's too early. She's not ready for school. I'm not ready to have a child who is at school. Stop time, stop.

I have to get real don't I? Over the next couple of months I have to buy uniform, school shoes, work out before and after school care, and come to terms with the idea that my eldest daughter is about to start school very soon.

Starting school is a milestone every parent goes through (unless they choose to home school) and in theory it shouldn't be any different to nursery. M has been going to nursery full time since she turned one, three and a half years ago. She will actually spend less hours at school each week than she does at nursery, but for some reason it just feels so much bigger. For one she has to wear a uniform. She also has to go to school, we won't be having the discussion each morning about whether or not she can stay at home, well we might, but the answer will always be "no" unless she's ill. This also means I have to wake her up in the morning if she is sleeping late because I'll be in trouble if we are late. It's going to be a nightmare. Added to that the comfort of having nursery all day every week day will be gone, school days are much shorter and then there's all the holidays and inset days. Ok now I'm getting myself more stressed, how will we manage when I'm back at work?

I might alter her birth certificate so she can stay in nursery a bit longer.

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