Me and Mine May

This month has been a busy month with 2 bank holidays, my birthday and some lovely sunny weather. I usually try and take a family group picture at the end of the month, but I realised with a week to go it wasn't going to happen because M was going to be at her Dad's for the long weekend. Fortunately we had taken some other shots earlier in the month, but we also had a bit of a play on snapchat. I like the combination of photographs and they sum up the month pretty well for me even if most of the pictures are on my iphone and not the best quality.

At the beginning of the month we visited my Grandmother so she could meet Little. It was too far to drive to go earlier so I hadn't seen her for 4 months. I took my DSLR and tripod, but managed to leave my memory card at home so I had to use the selfie mode on my phone.

We took Little swimming for the first time and before we went in the pool I got G to take a picture to record the occasion. I am more or less make up free and not looking my best, but I'm glad we got a picture.

Mid month there was some lovely weather so we spent most of the weekend in the garden. I tried to get a family photograph, but as normal someone wouldn't play ball. This photograph was after we had come back from swimming.
The most important day of the month was obviously my birthday. I had a really lovely day and my sister took this picture of me and M before she helped me blow out the candles.
The last weekend we had M we woke up early on Saturday and G suggested we went to Macdonald's for breakfast. M insisted on bringing a doll, but it turned out to be really useful to support Little in the highchair. This meant Little got to eat her doll while we all enjoyed our food.

These are some of the pictures from M, Little and I playing on snapchat. I only use snapchat for the filters and I think they are great fun. M and I laughed loads, but I'm not sure Little was impressed.

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  1. i wish i had more photos of me and mine, but at 24, 21 and 17 it wasn't as easy as it is these days, no mobile phones and certainly not ones with cameras when my youngest was born and as for digital cameras, I had to wait for film to be processed


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