My baby at 5 months

Little hasn’t been very well during the last month. She started with a cough, which improved, but then she had her 3rd lot of immunisations. I struggled to get any Calpol into her so her temperature went up and up and up. When her temperature reached 39.5 degrees we made the decision to take her to hospital. This was about 5am in the morning so I took M over to her Dad’s and went to spend the morning sitting in A&E. Fortunately by the time we got there her temperature had already gone down a bit. There is a possibility that the temperature wasn’t accurate since I was measuring it with one of those cooking thermometer’s which you stick in food, but as I stuck it under Little’s arm and mine she was at least 3 degrees warmer. I have since purchased a new thermometer designed for babies instead of baking.

The nurse tried to give Little some medicine orally and she wouldn’t take it from her either, but since the temperature was lower we were discharged. Just as Little was recovering from the immunisation induced fever her cough came back in the form of bronchiolitis which she is still suffering from a couple of weeks later. 

In addition last week M woke up in the middle of the night having thrown up, while she was back to her normal self the next day, 2 day’s later her little sister woke up with the same bug. It hit Little a lot harder and over a week later she is just getting back to herself. 
Little at 5 months

It’s hard to know what Little’s feeding frequency and duration is because it has been so variable recently. For much of the last week she has fed a lot less; asking for feeds less often and not feeding for very long. She’s also been spitting up/ possetting a lot more.

When I wrote last month’s update I had thought the 4 month sleep regression was over. It seems we just had a good couple of days and the 4 month sleep regression was still in full swing. This involved Little being a lot harder to get to sleep both at night and for naps. When she was asleep and placed in her cot she would wake up straight away and the process would need to be repeated again and again. She also woke up most nights and wouldn’t go back to sleep for an hour or two, which isn’t normal behaviour for her. It’s hard to know when this ended due to her being unwell, but she will go down for naps most days now and is back to her normal sleep behaviour. This involves going to sleep about 6.30 and sleeping until about 5.30/6 with one wake up. What time she falls asleep depends on her last nap. She also has plenty of days when she wakes up more than once, particularly the days I’m most tired!

On the days that Little has been sleeping well she has put herself to sleep after being left in her cot awake, but other times she needs to be nursed or bounced to sleep (preferably with a muslin on her head to cut down on sensory stimulation).

Little is currently measuring 66.5 cm long. I have started dressing her in 6 to 9 months clothes (particularly for vests and sleep suits) and she is in size 3 nappies.
Despite her growth Little hasn't gained any weight in the last month, this isn't too surprising given her health, but I'm hoping she gains quickly this month.
Little month 4 to 5
Little is enjoying waving her arms around and shaking things so rattles are a lot of fun. She also lets go frequently so is getting some early lessons in gravity. She seems to have an understanding about how some toys work e.g. she has one which you pull and then it vibrates and contracts. Rather than try and hold on to it or eat it once pulled she lets it go, differing from how she treats other toys.

The world is continuing to be explored by watching everything intently, some attempts to copy behaviour and mouthing everything: toys, clothes, people’s hands, anything she gets her hands on.

Early in the month Little found her feet. Initially it was occasional grabs in the bath and at nappy changes, but they soon became a great favourite to play with.

Most of the month Little has been held and cuddled due to feeling unwell, but right at the end of her 4th month she has really got in to her rolling. She can roll front to back and back to front. She has even realised that she can do one after another to cover some distance. Add in the rotating on her tummy and she can cover a surprising distance (and reach undesirable items).

Little is able to sit up well with support which means she has been sitting in highchairs a few times to be at our height at meal times. This helps entertain her as she loves watching us eat.

There has been lots of cooing and chatting, but there hasn't been much change in noises this month. She was started to laugh on occasions: when her sister sings and does the actions, when I have kissed her tummy repeatedly and spoken to her in a silly voice.

There seems to be a definite preference for me over anyone else. I have been leaving her in the creche while I do parenting classes and she has recently started to be upset not just because she was tired or hungry but because sometimes she just wanted her Mummy. I don’t know how much of this was due to her preference for me when not feeling well, but even around family she has preferred cuddles from me over anyone else. Her favourite person when she isn’t upset though is definitely her big sister. M regularly receives big smiles and even managed to make Little laugh 2 times before anyone else did.

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