What is Baby Led Weaning? A Humorous Take

Having started again on the weaning journey I thought I would share 10 things which baby led weaning means to me.

A picture of a baby covered in bolognase sauce with the writing "What is Baby Led Weaning? Giving your baby a bath 3 times a day" written over the top

Baby led weaning is...

A baby clutching a bit of banana and eating it
  1. Checking the salt and sugar content of all food and suspecting you are going to have to make a lot of the food from scratch.
  2. Never making the right amount of food: there is always lots left over or not enough.
  3. Not knowing if it is better for your child to eat naked so you can wash them afterwards or clothed so you can strip them and put them in the washing machine (the clothes not the baby).
  4. Giving your baby a bath 3 times a day, once after each meal.
  5. Cleaning your floor all the time or deciding not to bother as it will end up covered in food again a few hours later.
     A baby looks in wonder at a partially munched strawberry on her high chair tray
  6. Looking at your baby's nappy to see what they have managed to eat versus smear around their highchair, face and other items.
  7. Eating chocolate and crisps in secret so your baby doesn't look at you with an expectant expression.
  8. Making the same food for all of you then adding salt, sugar, syrup etc to your plate when your baby isn't looking to enhance your portion.
  9. Finding food in your baby's eyelashes, ears, up their nose, in their bellybutton... oh and anywhere in a couple of metres radius of where they are sitting.A baby covered in bolognase sauce reaches out a messy hand
  10. A huge amount of fun.


  1. Oh I remember all of this so well from weaning my own children x #TenThings

  2. Oh them days are hardcore cleaning chaos but I have some news it does get easier X #tenthings

  3. Ha I remember the messy weaning days well even though my boys are now 10 and 12. Complete chaos and mess, but a lot of laughs. Thanks for linking up to #TenThings it will be open again on the 25th :)

    Stevie x


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