Sunday, 3 July 2016

#MySundayPhoto - Festival Life

I haven't been to Glastonbury for 7 years, but still every year when it's on I feel sad not to be there. From the moment I arrived on site until the time came to pack everything away I felt completely chilled. From discovering new bands to just wondering around all the different fields and experiencing new things the days I spent there recharged every part of me.

I haven't been brave enough to go to a proper festival since my life has been enhanced by children although I hope to go to Camp Bestival in the next couple of years. This week I introduced my children to the concept of hanging out in a field regardless of the weather, wondering in and out of tents and being opened to new experiences.

This week we went to the 3 Foot People Festival in Hylands Park (Chelmsford). This festival is not just aimed at, but exclusively for, children under 5. In fact if you are 6 to 15 you aren't even allowed in and all adults have to be accompanied by a child. This gives the festival a wonderful safe and friendly vibe. Just like any good festival it has so much to do, there was: an area full of rocking horses, a sand pit, a dance tent, messy play, a craft tent, performing arts, a small petting zoo, swings, face painting and loads to play with. The opportunity to try non contact rugby, Karate, Glastonbabies, Tumbletots, Baby Sensory and more activities that I have forgotton. Anyone 2 to 5 is spoiled for choice about what to do.

M loved it and wanted to go back again the next day so I think we will definitely try a few more mini festivals and a bit of camping. Unsurprisingly her least favourite bit was the portaloo's, but if I can find a way for her not to be scared to go the toilet we will have a fantastic time.

4 year old on a tyre swing in bright clothes and wellies. She has a flower garland on her head and is at 3 foot people festival in Chelmsford 2016



  1. Your daughter looks like a real seasoned festival traveler there. I must say it is the portaloos that put me off too, other than that's I'd love it.

  2. I have never been to Glastonbury and I think a festival is a bit beyond me these days! I love that photo of your girl :) #MySundayPhoto

  3. This sounds like an awesome festival. I've never been to a festival at all

    Thank you for linking up

  4. Fab photo! It sounds like a fantastic festival x

  5. Wow this sounds like such a great idea - I'd love to go to something like this. Lovely pic of your daughter x #MySundayPhoto

  6. What a brilliant idea. I'll have to make a note of this festival. #MySundayPhoto

  7. This festive sound so great fun. What a lovely photo of your daughter!

  8. Aww lovely picture :) Looks like fun ..

  9. Sounds like an amazing event! We had attended a music fest before but its fairly small a local so its easier. And we love it! I wish we can go again and this photo is so lovely. The colors are so vivid! #MySundayPhoto