My baby at 6 months

Baby lying on her tummy looking at the camera next to a little girl lying on her tummy listening to music on an ipod
Little and M

Little has been with us for a whole 6 months. It’s passed so quickly, but I can’t remember life without her. This month Little has still been recovering from Bronchiolitis, but she has generally been much better health wise. This month has seen Little go on her first (and second) aeroplane journeys to her first holiday abroad. She has also had her first tastes of food that aren’t breastmilk. That's some pretty big firsts.


At the beginning of the month Little started having really long feeds, I think this was her catching up from all the food she missed the previous month. After about a week this reduced and up until about a week ago Little was feeding at pretty similar intervals to the previous few months, so roughly 3 hours in the day and a couple of times at night. This month the big development in feeding was the introduction of solids when she was 24 weeks. She absolutely loves food and is happily feeding herself a range of items. In the last few days her feeds have reduced a bit in length and frequency as the solid food is filling her up. This has been particularly great when I want to have a nap as there has been a way to stop her getting so hungry and needing me for milk.


The last month Little has been waking up a couple of times in the night for milk and not going quite as long as she used to. As she needed to catch up with her weight gain and we had a lot of hot nights I have seen this as a good thing for her, even if not so much for me.
picture of Little at 1 week old and at 6 months old in the same Fisher Price bouncer chair
Newborn to 6 months


Little is now about 70 cm long and is 7.6 kg. This means she has been growing massively in her 5th month and after her not gaining any weight the previous month is great to see. She is still in age 6 to 9 months clothes and size 3 nappies, although given the heat and the weaning she often has only had the nappies on!


Little has been rolling everywhere, rotating on her tummy and slow commando crawling. While I can leave her on her own in a safe room for a couple of minutes I now need to secure her in something if I am going to have a shower. Around 25 weeks she sat up unaided for a few seconds, but she has only managed this a few times so far. Little sits well with a small amount of support e.g. in her high chair.
At about 5 1/2 months she started dropping her toys on the floor intentionally e.g. if we sat her in her high chair with some toys. By the end of the month when she dropped the toys on the floor she would look down and expect them still to be there rather than forgetting they existed.
9 pictures of a baby girl between 5 and 6 months of age
Little month 5 to 6


From about 25 weeks Little started sticking her tongue out with her mouth closed and blowing, making a raspberry noise. She is also loving blowing raspberries on us, but it is rather slobbery. Recently she has started with a screeching kind of chat and she is also copying sounds e.g. the tv said “moo” and she copied the sound. Little is laughing more often and at more things, which is nice, I always appreciate being found funny.

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