Telling The Time The Monster Way

How long a minute lasts when you have children is a pretty flexible thing. 5 minutes watching television or playing before bed is never long enough, but waiting 5 minutes for dinner or for you to get out the bath? Suddenly it is the equivalent of a life time.  This of course can be used to a parent’s advantage “let’s tidy up, it’ll only take 2 minutes” can provide encouragement when we know it will take far longer or we can speed time up when we are cold, bored and want to leave the park. On balance I’m still unsure whether teaching my eldest to tell the time is a good thing or not.

A girl in a cat dress looking at A Furry Friends Monster Watch

I’m hoping that if M knows what time certain actions should happen, like when we need to leave for school or go to bed, and she can see what time it is, I might be able to reduce the amount of time I spend shouting “We’re late! Hurry up! We need to leave NOW!” (yes I am one of those shouty mums). Writing it now I recognise it seems like wishful thinking, but anything is possible and I’m hoping that her shiny, new, fun watch will help.

We were offered a Furry Friends Watch to review and I found it hard to choose which one of the 6 monsters M would like most. Each watch has it’s own character on the watch face and a different colour on the trim, you can see them all here. I eventually chose Blinky who has a pink trim and as I might have mentioned a few times: M loves pink. Apparently Blinky loves to take long naps in the day from the comfort of her hammock. She also likes to go shopping and ride her bike. She sounds like an interesting monster. 

A close up of the watch face of the pink Furry Friends Watch. It has one eye and a big mouth

What is great about the Furry Friends Watch?

Aside from the character aspects of the watch they have some features which make them brilliant for kids:
  • The watches are bright and eye catching.
  • The watch face has all 12 numbers written on it making it easier to read when less confident telling the time.
  • The strap is a soft PVC which is comfortable and easy to clean.
  • They only cost £12 and there is free postage and packaging. As a special offer until the end of March you can get one for just £8.99 with the code MONSTER1
  • They have lots of holes make it fully adjustable for small wrists (M’s wrists are small and there are still a couple of holes tighter it could go).
  • They are splash proof (1ATM) and it has survived the splashing from hand washing so far.  

A Furry Friends Watch with a green pvc strap, silver buckle, pink rim and blue face

M enjoyed the fun design and even showed it off to her friends. When one of her friends also had a watch (a pretty pink flowery one) M responded that hers was a monster and it was going to eat the other watch and started chasing her friend. Cue lots of giggling.

The Furry Friends Watch in a box saying "it's monster time" and showing suitable for age 3 plus

These watches have a big personality, they are comfortable, easy to clean and a good price. Now I just need to help M remember what each of the 3 hands do and we might be making progress.

You can buy the watches here.

*Disclosure: we were provided with the Furry Friends Watch for review purposes, but all ramblings are my own.*


  1. Super cute watch! I love kids watches. The bright colours are gorgeous

  2. Aw what a lovely watch for a child! I love the colours!

  3. Aww how sweet are these! Indie has just started being interested in time, so will have to keep these in mind x

  4. What a lovely idea. Little loves watch but doesn't quite recognise numbers but must remember this :) ox

  5. Oh my, this is lovely! Great idea :) xx

  6. This is really cute, and £12 - what a bargain!


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