Putting New Wellies Through The Half Term Fun Test

I’ve really enjoyed spending 6 days with my girls this half term. We managed to fit in so much before I handed M over to her Dad for the rest of the holiday. We have seen so many different groups of friends and family too, people there just often isn't enough time to see at weekends, it feels like we were both on holiday. We were sent a pair of Term Wellies to review just before half term so they’ve seen a lot of action, but what did we get up to?

A girl in a fluffy white bear hat, pink coat, pink tights and pink wellies on the path leading to the beach at Wells-Next-The-Sea
Wrapped up for the beach

Term wellies come in a variety of bold colours and unsurprisingly M chose pink. Each welly is designed to last a long time due the clever liner: when taken out they are a size bigger.  The liner can be washed and they have a comfy inner sole so they are great for long, messy adventures. They also have small reflective strips on the back which is great for evenings when it's still getting dark so early.

What better time to really test out a pair of wellies than February Half Term? We’ve had snow, mud and even a trip to the beach. 

A baby and a 5 year old girl both attempting to play colourful recorders
Big sister got to help out at the Music For Baby Class
Day 1
Half Term started for us on the Friday as it was Inset day. Little’s baby class was still on and M had special permission to come. They both enjoyed the class, but M was slightly more tuneful with the instruments. Afterwards it was straight round to meet some friends and head off on the train to Discover in Stratford. As it was cold day with light snow inside activities were perfect and there is so much to do at Discover it wore everyone out. I was mostly exhausted from Little constantly climbing up the stairs and having to run after her. Both the music class and Discover meant wellies were discarded quickly in a pile so M could run around in her socks. It was handy that they are super quick to take on a off.

A 5 year old girl standing on a residential street with her hand out trying to catch a snowflake on her finger
Trying to catch a snow flake
Day 2
Saturday saw more snow. It might not have settled, but we still needed to wrap up warm for a trip to the shops. The cosy liners of the wellies kept M’s feet warm and they must have been comfy as she didn’t complain about her walking once. We went to Clarks to get Little her first pair of shoes as she has starting to want to walk around more. It was then back home for an afternoon of play.

A baby girl standing in a navy coat with white spots trying on a pair of silver first shoes from Clarks
First Shoes!
Day 3
Sunday saw us meeting up with most of Little’s NCT group. We hadn’t met up for a few months and with all the babies turning one they had changed so much. Little enjoyed having lots of babies to interact with, and M enjoyed playing with all the baby toys before deciding to hide in a teepee and listen to music.

Day 4
Monday was M’s turn to meet with some of her NCT friends. We have met up regularly for nearly 6 years and it’s lovely to see the girls playing together. There were 3 of the original 6 families able to meet up this half term which meant we had a manageable total of 7 children between us (!). I had a great catch up with 2 good friends when I wasn't trying to stop Little climbing the stairs. I think M had lots of fun trying on nearly every dress in her friend’s wardrobe as every time we saw the girls they were dressed in something different. 

Instead of going home, we drove to Norfolk to meet with my sisters and Nephew in Burnham Market. My sisters had rented somewhere for the week and when I eventually found it in the pitch black I was relieved to see they were staying in a bungalow, yay no stairs! It was quickly to bed on arrival though as it was past everyones bedtime.

A 5 year old girl all dressed in pink standing on wet sand at the edge of the sea and pointing out to sea and holding an adults hand
Look seals!
Day 5
If you are only in Norfolk for 24 hours there is a lot to try and pack in. We started the day at the Beach where we saw some seals, sank in some of the wet sand and played by the dunes.

Going for a run by the sea
A 5 year old girl in pink coat, tights and wellies climbing up a sand dune on all fours
Running up a mini sand dune

A 5 year old girl all dressed in pink looks down at her pink wellies as her feet sink in wet sand
"Help, I'm sinking"
Then it was to Wells for traditional fish and chips, followed by ice cream for M and her cousin. I bought some rock from the sweet shop instead for G as compensation for him being at work and some sweets for me.

After eating we headed to the playground for a run around before visiting my Nana. Both girls fell asleep on the short drive and I left them in the car while I went in for a cup of tea and a chat! We couldn't stay long though and after a quick stop back to the bungalow for dinner (and a visit to my favourite road side veg place) we headed home again. Fortunately both girls went to bed pretty easily so G and I got to exchange Valentine's cards and gifts.

A 5 year old girl climbing on some tyres as part of an assault course

A 5 year old girl walking a long a thin piece of wood as part of an assault course with her arms out to balance her

Day 6
With only a morning left before M needed to get to her Dad’s we went out for a late breakfast with friends. The kids eat free deal at Brewers Fayre worked out well for us and the staff managed the chaos of a large group of children brilliantly. After breakfast at the Royal Forest branch we popped next door to get duck food then went for a walk round Connaught Water’s (a nearby small lake) and fed the ducks. There is a great path round it which is perfect for pushchairs, but the children decided it was more fun to run on the grass and under the trees. The wellies went back in the car very muddy.

A 5 year old girl leaning over a fence overlooking a duck pond looking at the ducks
Hello Ducks

A girl wearing a pair of pink Term wellies and walking in wet mud mixed with dried leaves

How did the wellies do?

The term wellies made it through our half term test brilliantly. They kept M’s feet warm and comfortable. She was able to run, jump and climb due the excellent grip and good fit. The wellies come up high enough that it didn’t matter when she started sinking in sand or stomping in mud.

Now I just need new wellies for me so I can keep up!

A pair of pink wellies with a roll top liner and labels still on next to a front door

Term wellies are stocked in a growing number of shops or you can buy them online here. You can even print out a size chart to check which size you need. The boots are designed in Britain by a small UK company who after selling shoes for years decided to use their expert knowledge and design their own. The wellies are available now and school shoes will also be available soon. You can find Term Footwear on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter if you want to stay updated.

Disclosure: We were sent a pair of wellies to review, but all thoughts, mud, sand and splashes are our own.

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  1. Gorgeous! Love those wellies - looks like they passed the test x

  2. Sounds like a great week, and a great pair of wellies too!

  3. Great photos!! We've also been testing them out and are fans too :) x

    1. Thank you. Yes, I saw them in some of your photo's. The same colour choice too!

  4. What a jam packed half term! It sounds like you had fun though - and those wellies were the perfect footwear for all those trips! I have pictures of my daughter of that play equipment too xx

  5. I'm excited about the next holidays now, I love having the time off with both my girls. It's a good playground we could have stayed there ages

  6. They look such good quality and I love the very bright vibrant pink. My niece would love these and i think they'd come home really muddy!

  7. Wow, they were really put through their paces! They look lovely, fab colour and a great idea to have a liner that you can remove like that, they'll last for ages! x #TriedTested

  8. Love how her wellies match her coat. Seems like you gave them a really good test! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  9. Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x


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