Discovering HomeSense in Harlow

I recently spent a lovely evening at HomeSense in Harlow. I will admit that it might be a sign that I don’t get out enough, but spending an hour or so browsing the eclectic home store with some great company was a surprising amount of fun.

I have been to HomeSense a couple of times before (in Romford and Lakeside), but I hadn’t made it to the new Harlow store so I was excited to get an invitation to a special event to come check it out. I knew that HomeSense sell a wide range of products, but I hadn’t realised they are the same company as TK Maxx and that they were actually developed because of the success of the home section in those stores. I’ll admit, there is something about TK Maxx and the mass of clothes which scares me, but fashion can frighten me at the best of times. I don’t know if it is that HomeSense stores are better laid out, or if it is something to do with the items on sale, but rather than scared I get excited by the treasure trove of beautiful items and I love wandering around to see what bargains I can find.

The Harlow store has two floors filled with items from frames to fake flowers, blankets to bowls, notebooks to nutcrackers and soaps to sofas. It has items which you have always wanted, things you never knew you needed and a few things which you can’t even work out what they are. There are frequent deliveries of new stock which all go straight out in to the store so you could come every day and find something new. Just as you expect from TK Maxx items are reduced (up to 60% off RRP apparently) so when you find something you know you have got a good deal.

A selection of some favourites from my visit. How I managed not to buy the 4.2kg tub of Jelly Beans or the awesome Rhino I don't know

The Harlow store is on The Queensgate Centre retail park with some of my other favourite stores such as Hobbycraft and Mothercare. On a busy Saturday it can take a little while to park, but my visit on a week day evening meant parking was really easy (even outside HomeSense which is near the cinema) and it was perfect for browsing in a relaxed atmosphere. It’s open until 8pm on weekdays and 7pm on Saturday.

This visit to HomeSense was extra special because I got to meet two lovely local bloggers: Katy who is my guru when it comes to all things money making and Maria who is as super lovely, friendly and happy as her blog name would suggest. I’m not saying my daughters aren’t fun to go shopping with, but browsing with great adult company was definitely a more relaxing affair. Thank you to HomeSense for having us and to the super lovely Harlow staff members for being helpful and friendly.

Disclosure: I received a small voucher to say thank you for coming and I bought some lovely bowls (the red and blue ones in the collage above if you are interested).

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  1. Sounds like the perfect place to find something a little unusual for the home. I would have found it hard to resist that tub of jellybeans too! :-)


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