Of Course They Ran To Help

Reports tonight have talked about how, after news broke about the terrorist attack on Westminster Bridge, staff from St Thomas' ran to help. People are saying how proud they are of the NHS and our emergency services and it's great they are proud, but so often they are taken for granted.

Having worked a St Thomas' Hospital for several years I know that clinical staff constantly sacrifice themselves to help others. I imagine it's the same at hospitals across the country. Doctors and nurses work long hours beyond the rota, not taking the breaks they should and constantly going beyond expectations. I started work at the hospital shortly after another major incident, although that one was a accident rather than someone causing intentional harm. On that occasion staff came back from their Christmas party to help the casualties. It's what they do. The medical staff are passionate about helping others and while there was one cruel person today who destroyed the lives of many families there were many people who without a second thought worked to try and heal the harm caused. It makes me angry that their dedication isn't appreciated enough to ensure they receive adequate resources and pay and that the government is constantly forcing cuts to staffing.

We are surrounded by people who work to take care and protect us. Incidents like today help to remind people. All it took was one person with a car and what looked like a kitchen knife. We can't defend ourselves against that, but due to brave, strong people we can minimise the damage.

It is sad that a police officer lost their life doing their job. My Grandad used to do the same job. I think he used to stand in that same yard outside the Palace of Westminster. It was much more relaxed in those days as the threat was lower. Now they are prepared for attacks, they did brilliantly, but I imagine security will get tighter still. 

I find the deaths of the innocent people on the bridge more depressing. I've crossed that bridge hundreds of times. Every time I walked across it I loved to look at the view and how amazing our city is. The Palace of Westminster one side, St Thomas’ Hospital, County Hall and the London Eye the other. People would have been taking photographs, chatting, laughing. They didn't think being a tourist would lead to injury or death. Being a police officer you recognise your job comes with danger, but appreciating how great our city is? There shouldn't have been danger in that.

Tomorrow Londoners will defiantly take to the streets again. It's not the first time we have been scared by individuals, it won't be the last. We will all move on, but I hope somewhere in the powers that be they remember just how dedicated our medical staff are and they stop trying to destroy our NHS.


  1. I completely agree - it's a disgrace how this government are treating the medical staff of this country. These are the people who, as you say, will always sacrifice themselves for others. I'm genuinely terrified that if this party stay in power they will end up turning us into the US model of healthcare...an awful prospect.

  2. We owe so much to the people who work for the NHS who are endlessly saving lives day in and day out. I am very proud to be the daughter of two nurses who are flabbergasted at how times have changed in the NHS and how difficult the job has become. Yet the staff continue on as always because it is their duty.


  3. Thanks so much for linking up to #outsidemywindow. Great post, couldn't agree more.


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