My Baby At 14 Months

It doesn’t feel like Little has changed much in the last month. I don’t think there have been any major developments, she has just been working on skills she already has. She seems to understand a bit more, be able to communicate a bit more and walk a bit better. Looking back the changes are subtle, but they are there.

Collage of 9 photographs of my baby girl in the month 13 to 14. Including playing in the garden and the bath
Little Months 13 to 14


With a tummy bug and teething Little hasn’t been too interested in food this month. We keep offering her meals, but she has often refused or only had the smallest amount. For a few days when recovering from her tummy bug she only really wanted fruit pouches and milk, but she has gradually become more interested again. Her favourite meal is pasta with sweetcorn and peas and she ends up eating a huge portion when I give it to her, I love the meal too because it is so quick to make. Little also loves raspberries and grapes (cut up of course), Little and her sister almost hoover them up they go so fast.
Little has become good at drinking out of an open cup which has been handy when she has been thirsty and we haven’t had a clean sippy cup. I only give her a small amount at a time in case she gets distracted and pours it everywhere. I think she likes copying us by drinking this way.
We now give Little a spoon and fork at most meals and while she doesn’t use them for all the food she will usually spend some of the meal using them. 
With the amount of food consumed this month being less Little has been nursing more often, at times it is frustrating having her pulling at my top all the time, but at least I know she is getting what she needs.


Teething pain and illness hasn’t helped the sleep at all, but we have fallen into a routine with napping. Unless we are at a group in the morning I put Little down for a nap 3 hours after she wakes up. She usually sleeps for about 90 minutes, but then doesn’t have another nap that day. This means she is ready to go to sleep about 6.30pm and she wakes for the day around 6.30am. In between she wakes up often and we end up co-sleeping. On days we go to a group and I can keep her awake on the way home she will nap for an hour or two from midday and I have to keep her up later. 
I have recently got in to the habit of napping with her as I have been so tired, in some ways it feels like I am losing my chance to be productive, but it means that I’m awake enough to spend some time with G in the evening (unless Little is having a really bad night in which case we alternate with one of us going up to the room to try and get her back to sleep).

A 13 month old baby girl sitting on a fallen tree in a hedgehog marks and spencers coat and jeans


I was chatting to someone with a similar age child who said that although it didn’t feel like their daughter had grown she can suddenly reach more things and I realised it was exactly the same with Little. This month she suddenly seems to be able to reach things on the kitchen counter and dining room table, even things we thought were far enough back. I think it’s a combination of learning to stand on tip toes while reaching with her hands. This has resulted in a chocolate cupcake icing mess, but no major accidents so far. We are all being vigilant and trying to ensure knives etc are left in sensible places.
Little now weighs 11.2kg and measures 81cm. She is still in size 4 nappies and 12-18 months clothes. She’s starting to fill the clothes out a little better now, but she easily has a few months left in them. I have just put her in 18 month plus sleeping bags as the 6 to 18 month ones felt a bit restrictive. She’s still in her 3 1/2 G shoes, but occasionally wears size 4 cast offs from her sister as they are more suitable for mud and puddles.


Little has got more confident with walking and now runs at times too (this has resulted in a grazed nose while chasing her sister). She is better at climbing on and off things and particularly loves a step her sister uses. Anywhere it is left suddenly becomes of interest and she loves splashing in the sink, climbing on the sofa and seeing what is on the kitchen surfaces. It’s only a matter of time before she realises she can move the step herself, eek!
Little still loves books and she will often bring them over to encourage us to read to her. Her big sister’s toys continue to be more interesting than her own (but that’s ok, because big sister is suddenly hugely interested in baby toys) particular favourites include a plastic doll and anything small enough to choke on.
It has been great to get out in the garden with the warmer weather. We have been kicking balls, running around and climbing in and out of the Little Tikes car.

Little trying to climb into the dino Little Tikes car while her big sister is sitting in it it.
Little and Big Sister M


Ooo the tantrums have stepped up a gear now. Little does a good line in back arching when we take something away or do something she is unhappy with. These can be instantly and amusingly stopped by returning the item, but as usually it’s something that could be easily broken or might harm a small child we use distraction and replace it with a suitable toy.
Little continues to communicate well with a limited number of hand movements. She holds long conversations with us looking earnest and using hand and arm movements to clarify her point. Unfortunately we don’t have a clue what she is trying to tell us. 

Little says the occasional word and so far I have recorded: “bath”, “cat”, possibly “boob”, “woof” and “quack”. There have been other times we have heard her say what sounded like the right words in context, but without repetition it’s hard to know.  She now knows the actions to “twinkle twinkle” and some of “wind the bobbin up”, but whenever we sing them at groups she gets too distracted watching everyone else to show off her skills. Well she can show me anytime can't she.

I'm looking forward to the next month and she might even be allowed to try a little bit of chocolate!

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