Getting My Home Organised with Maqio Boxes

I think there are 2 types of people when it comes to storage: those who buy it because they have a particular need and those, like me, who think you can never have too much so we buy boxes and cupboards and work out what we are going to put in them afterwards. No surprise then that when I got sent samples of the Maqio boxes to review  I was a very happy lady. My children have too many toys and I have too much general “stuff”, but I have long been convinced that my house will one day look tidy, I just need to have enough storage.

A range of different size plastic storage boxes for children

If you are looking for a way to make your house tidier then check out this great range of boxes.

The Maqio boxes are made from plastic and come in a range of different designs and sizes. The designs are moulded to the boxes using “In-Mould Labelling” which fuses the polypropylene labels with the box so it won’t peel off (or be peeled off by little munchkins). All the Maqio boxes are light, easy to clean and have survived the general misuse by my children so far (when they were first delivered my toddler decided she would use them to build a tower in the living room).

Set of 5 Maqio IML Print Stockholm Storage Office Toy Boxes

This set of 5 boxes all come in a similar theme, I chose Animals because I think they will look perfect in the nursery when I manage to finish it off. The range of box sizes are great to store nappies, muslins and all the other baby bits that need to be kept accessible. Handily the lids clip on slightly so even when my smallest is crawling the contents should be safe from being distributed everywhere. The different size box volumes are 50 Litre, 25 Litre, 10 Litre, 5 Litre and 2.5 Litre. The set currently costs £17.99.

5 plastic storage boxes animal designs

Maqio IML Print 50 Litre Decorative Storage Office Toy Boxes

This box is the same as the one which comes in the set of 5 and I received it in the Zoo design. It is a good size for toy storage and it has little wheels on the bottom so it can be moved around easily. It currently costs £8.99

A 50 Litre storage box with zoo animals printed on the side

Wheels on the 50 Litre Maqio storage box

Set of 4 Maqio IML Print Decorative Storage Office Toy Boxes

The sets of 4 come in a great range of designs which will appeal to both children and adults. I chose the Stars because they will work in my space just as easily as the girls bedroom. The largest box in this set is 22 Litres and it has carrying handles, there are also 10 Litre, 5 Litre and a round 1.5 Litre box. This set currently costs £11.69.

Set of 4 Maqio IML Print storage boxes with stars on

Maqio 22 Litre IML Print Stockholm Storage Solution Office toy Boxes

The 22 Litre boxes from the above set are also available individually. They are a great size fro storing anything as they are big enough you can store quite a few things in, but not so big that they will be come too heavy. There are a range of designs, but one of the most special is the Christmas Eve box.

I love a Christmas Eve box filled with a film, new PJs, Christmas socks, some treats, a new Christmas story, Santa’s key and some reindeer food, but that is a lot to fit in one box. So many of the Christmas eve boxes are small so they are hard to fit everything in, but this one is a perfect size. It’s handy to safely store Christmas decorations in for the rest of the year too because it has a lid. Currently £5.31.

Plastic Christmas Eve box with lid

Maqio IML Print Plastic Waste Bins

Another way to help my house look tidier is rubbish bins and that is one thing that has been missing from my daughters’ bedroom. I chose the fun design of the dinosaur waste bin. It only costs £2.99 and it should be strong enough to survive their crazy play. I’m not quite sure how I get them to use it though… 

Dinosaur plastic bin from Maqio

We have a few bits of furniture to assemble and move around ready for the baby’s arrival, but I’m expecting this additional storage to make my house look organised in no time.

***Disclosure: I was sent the range of Maqio boxes for honest review ***

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  1. These look fab! They would be great to organise toys.
    I love the look of the Stars one. x


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