Pregnancy Updates: Weeks 33, 34, 35 and 36

Oops I’m a little bit behind on my pregnancy updates. I had a month where I have been lacking in motivation and mostly wanted to hibernate. My iron levels came back slightly low so I think it has been a combination of that, having a cold, it being cold and just the whole general growing a baby thing. I seem to be a bit better now and while I’m going to bed crazy early most days the impending baby arrival is spurring me to action. I even completed my tax return yesterday! 

Sitting on the floor holding my 36 week pregnant bump

My pregnancy updates for weeks 33, 34, 35 and 36

Pregnancy Update Week 33

In week 33 I struggled with back ache so I spent a lot of my time doing Pilates and back stretches. Baby spent most of the week sideways in my tummy I think so I had strange shapes sticking out either side of my tummy. Somehow he also managed to kick me repeatedly in my bladder and doing karate chops to my tummy.  I also spent a lot of time hungry, but not interested in any food. 

Pregnancy Update Week 34 

I spent most of this week full of cold and feeling rubbish. I also had a midwife appointment where everything went as expected, apart from the midwife asking about my 28 week blood test, which it turns out I forgot. So I had to go for a blood test as well. Oops. 

Pregnancy Update Week 35

More back ache and baby spent a good chunk of the week at least partially engaged. He felt really low and I found it difficult to work out how to sit in a comfortable way. I ended up Amazon Priming a pump so I could inflate my birth ball. It was also the start of my very regular visits to the toilet to wee, a theme which has continued ever since. It was the last week of my Pilates classes as the course finished and the next one doesn’t start until just before my due date.

We had a special visit from the midwife at the weekend when she came to talk to us about having a Home Birth. She talked us through what we needed to get and the risks as well as checked out our house to make sure it was suitable. I’m super excited and hoping everything works out so that I can get a Home Birth.

The second most exciting thing to happen this week is that our new car arrived. We are now proud owners of a new (to us) 7 seater car. The girls are really excited and keep asking to go for drives in it. I however haven’t managed to drive it yet.

Pregnancy Update Week 36

The beginning of week 36 saw me being exhausted and having many early nights. To add into the fun mix I had several days with bad PGP and I was really irritable. Hormones doing crazy things or just me. Who can tell?

After weeks lacking motivation I finally found some drive as nesting started to kick in and I requested everything was taken out of the loft for baby so I could start sorting it out. I also started sorting out lots of rubbish and cleaning. 

I took a brief break from the nesting to get some maternity photo’s taken (I recommend you check out Sophie if looking to have a studio photo shoot in West Essex). It was great to capture how my nearly full term final bump looks. I’m really happy with the photos.

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