Gift inspiration for Mother's Day and other Special Days for Mums

Mother’s Day is fast approaching (it’s on 14th in the UK ina 2021) and it’s got me thinking about what would make a great present for mums. Personally what I would like best are the things money can’t buy and aren’t even possible: sleep, lottery win, my children to spend a whole day doing what I ask first time... Failing that I’ve been searching Etsy to create a wish list of gifts that I would love to receive for Mother’s Day, my birthday or just to be shown that I’m loved. So if you are looking for inspiration of what to buy for your mum or the mother of your children check out these ideas. All products are from UK sellers.

Special Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

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Gift Ideas for Mums on Mother's Day


Jewellery always makes a lovely gift, but throw in some personalisation and it becomes something extra special and unique. I love this necklace from schnuggleshq which you could personalise with the initials of each child.

personalised initial necklace from schnuggleshq on Etsy

Alternatively if it’s likely there might be more children in the future, but you still want something personalised you could choose a necklace like this from Elmeray which can be personalised with a special message.

Personalised message silver heart necklace from Elmeray on Etsy

For a more classic approach (and for faster delivery because you don't need to wait for personalisation) you could choose a stylish handmade bracelet like this one from WildNora.

Silver Bangle from WildNora on Etsy

For women that don’t wear much jewellery, a keyring is a good alternative: we all have keys! DollyBirdUK have a great selection of personalised key chains including this Mama Bear design.

Mama Bear personalised keyring from DollyBirdUK on Etsy


Another traditional gift for Mums is a bunch of flowers and while I absolutely love getting fresh flowers I always find it sad how quickly they die, even when they are in a pot (I'm not very green fingered). A great alternative is quality fake flowers like this beautiful posy in a jar from FlowerStudioShop.

Quality fake flower posy from FlowerStudioShop on Etsy

Keeping on the plant theme, these planters from DimensionalDesignsGB are great for succulents or cacti and they look modern and sleek. I love that they are 3D printed and the bottom section works as a tray to prevent over watering. All 3 colour options look amazing.

3D printed flower pots with tray from DimensionalDesignsGB on Etsy


Surface space is a premium in our house, but I love to have pictures up on the wall. These prints from GameleoStudio would make a great addition to the wall and they are cheaper than a family portrait, while still having a personalised touch.


Or for something completely different how about turning your family into custom peg dolls by PeggyAndPip. Does this family look familiar to you at all?

My family as personalised peg dolls from PeggyAndPip on Etsy

I hope you find these ideas helpful for choosing Mother's Day presents, for more ideas and beautiful products check out the Editors' Pick on Etsy for Mother’s Day.

***Disclosure: This post is a collection of ideas using Etsy Affiliate links, if you click through a link and make a purchase I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. Images used are the sellers own.***

A great selection of British made gifts for Mums on Mother's Day, birthdays or Christmas

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