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I think we are all guilty of wanting to buy our babies lots of toys, but a newborn really doesn’t need much to play with and some of the toys barely get played with at all. At 8 weeks old Baby Boy is just starting to be interested in more than cuddles and milk. He is starting to look at the contrasts in the world around him and he is waving his arms and legs around, seemingly reaching for things in a very basic way. One of the best toy investments you can make for a newborn baby is a play gym and we were lucky to be sent the Tiny Love Gymini Deluxe in the Into The Forest design to review.

Tiny Love Gymini Deluxe Review with a baby on the play gym

Tiny Love Gymini Deluxe Review

The Tiny Love Gymini Deluxe has lots of features which makes it great to use from birth through to 6 months and older. Children develop so much in the first few months of life that having a product which grows with your baby is a good idea. 

Baby reaching for fawn toy on gymini deluxe

From birth the Gymini Deluxe can be used as a clean (and cleanable) place to put your baby down. The mat can be wiped or go in the washing machine so you don’t need to worry about spit up, drool or other leaks. I washed the mat as suggested on a cool gentle cycle and it came out looking good as new.

Around the age Baby Boy is now (8 weeks) a baby will start paying attention to the toys attached to the arches above them. The Into The Forest design has 5 accessories which hang down and they can be taken off or moved around to make it more interesting for the baby. There is also a musical bird which attaches to the arches where they cross. It takes 3 AAA batteries and it can be turned on to play continuous music or in feedback mode which plays a short piece of music and lights up when it is tapped (and effectively whenever the arches are shaken by grabbing at a toy). The bird toy detaches so you can take it out with you.

Musical bird on Into The Forest design Gymini from Tiny Love

Over the next few weeks I know Baby Boy will start reaching more toward the toys. Each one has different textures and features:
A fawn with string legs and a rattle noise which can be pulled down and retracts back up.
An easy grip beaver with a ring shape body which makes squeaking sounds.
A badger with a body which makes crinkle noises when held.
A teether which can be easily wiped clean.
A round baby safe mirror.
As baby gets older he will begin to explore the toys in new and different ways.

The baby safe mirror is good for tummy time or just staring at themselves

The Gymini works well for tummy time and exploring when they like to roll thanks to the fun forest animal scene, 2 crinkly flaps with surprise pictures hidden behind and shiny ribbon grass.  The mirror is also great for keeping babies entertained when they are having tummy time; they all reach a stage where they become fascinated by their reflection. 

Tummy Time on the washable play mat

When they are able to sit up you can adjust the arches so that they are on one side of the mat rather than over the top. This means toys can be moved to a different angle and they can sit and play at a point where more traditional style play gyms would be grown out of.

The Gymini Deluxe is really easy to set up from the packaging: you just attach each end of the arch to the mat using the pop buttons. It can go back in the plastic packaging for storage as well which is great, especially if you want to use it for any future babies.

Baby boy looking at the toys on the gymini

My Verdict on the Tiny Love Gymini Deluxe

For me the the stand out features of the Gymini are the responsive musical bird and the moveable arches. Having used a Jumperoo with my older children I know how much babies love it when their interaction gets rewarded with music. I think it's great that the Gymini Deluxe can also be used when children can sit up as it extends how long you can use it for. I love the Into The Forest theme too and I have been using the picture and the toys to make up stories with my toddler to get her involved . She is also a big fan of lying next to her brother, moving the toys around and turning the music on. 

The Tiny Love Into The Forest Deluxe Gymini is £59.99 RRP and it coordinates with other pieces in the collection including a mobile and individual rattle/ teethers.

***Disclosure: We were sent this product to review, all thoughts are my own***

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