Glam Goo Deluxe and Fantasy Packs (Slime) Review

[AD - Gifted] When I mentioned on my Instagram Stories we had received some Glam Goo products to review I received a few messages from horrified parents. It seems that even though children love slime, some parents have had bad experiences. Despite having had to Google how to get slime out of socks this week (tips below), slime and Glam Goo is popular in our house so we are celebrating National Slime Day today, 17th March.

A manic looking child stretching Glam Goo slime

We have reviewed a number of toys from MGA entertainment which involve slime: the Num Noms Snackables Silly Shakes Maker, Poopsie Surprise Unicorn and now Glam Goo. While with Poopsie you make the slime, Glam Goo is more similar to the Silly Shakes Maker in that you are given a pot of slime and you can colour it and add sparkles. With Glam Goo you store the slime creations in a range of accessories which vary depending on the pack you get. We were sent the Glam Goo Deluxe and Fantasy packs to review.

Glam Goo Deluxe Pack and Fantasy Pack in the packaging

Glam Goo Deluxe Pack Review

The Glam Goo Deluxe pack has a big pot (300 grams) of Glam Goo (clear slime) which means you can make lots of different coloured slime. To make the clear slime more exciting the pack comes with two coloured shimmer powders: Pinky Promise (pink) and Electric Blue (blue), Violet Vibes (a little bottle of scent) and three tubes of sparkly decorations: Unicorn Tears, Daydreams and Cloud Crunch.

The accessories are a “purse” or as we would say in the UK a little handbag, which has 10 compartments in to store your different slime, and a ring with one compartment in. You also get a mixing spoon and instructions which contain suggested recipes, but M enjoyed making her own more.

When we got everything out of the box the slime had leaked slightly from it’s pot, but as it was inside a sealed plastic bag this wasn’t a problem. The slime starts out really sticky, but the more you work it the less sticky it gets.

Reading the Glam Goo Instructions

The bits provided to colour the Glam Goo

Mixing in the Glam Goo Scent

Posing with the ring accessory while reviewing Glam Goo Deluxe pack

Glam Goo Fantasy Pack Review

The Glam Goo Fantasy pack is one of the theme packs available. These are smaller and cheaper than the Deluxe pack. The Fantasy pack contains: a necklace, two charms (a heart and a rainbow) which you can put slime in and a smaller pot of Glam Goo (68 grams), but otherwise there is the same contents as the Deluxe pack just in different colours. The shimmer powders are: Magic Hour (blue) and Mint Skies (a greeny blue), the scent: Rose Mist and the sparkly decorations: Unicorn Fuzz, Mermaid Wishes and Cosmic Dust.

Glam Goo Fantasy Pack Contents

Stretching out the sticky Glam Goo between her hands

Mixing the shimmer powder into the Glam Goo

Adding sparkles to coloured slime

What We Thought Of Glam Goo

M is a big fan. She wanted to start mixing up the slime as soon as she saw the delivery and she has asked to play with it every night since. I like that the focus is on making pretty slime without a lot of unnecessary kit. The bag in the Deluxe Pack is the biggest part of all of it, but it’s pretty functional as a way to store slime and doubles up as a bag that can be played with. The slime with shimmer in looks really great in the accessories. It is fun for children pose with the accessories, but how responsible your child is will depend on if you let them keep the Glam Goo in them while they play unsupervised. The packs are aimed at 6 years plus and I am careful to make sure the toddler doesn’t get hold of them.

Some sparkly coloured Glam Goo slimer

Posing with slime filled accesories

How to Remove Slime from Clothes

Just in case you have any problems I thought I would share my findings on removing slime. The general consensus seems to be to get to work on the slime before it dries if possible or it can be super hard to remove. The most commonly suggested product is white vinegar which dissolves slime and with a bit of scrubbing will remove it. Washing up liquid is also reported to work well with a bit of scrubbing. Either way it’s suggested you scrape off as much as possible first and only put in the washing machine once it is all off. The final suggestion which will only really work if it hasn’t been smeared, is to freeze and then pull it off. Depending on what the slime is on you can put it in the freezer or hold ice on it for around 10 minutes. I ended up leaving our slimed sock to dry and then later left it to soak in some water with Napisan in (I have a newborn in the house) when I took it out I was able to pull the slime off and it washed fine.

We made the slime at our table covered in an oil cloth which wasn’t damaged or marked, but I would recommend covering surfaces if you have more delicate furnishings. The accessories have so far kept the slime contained well.
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***Disclosure: We were sent the Glam Goo sets for honest review***

Review of Glam Goo Slime Deluxe and Fantasy Packs

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