Getting Creative for World Calligraphy Day

I write a lot but I don’t often put pen to paper. My blog posts are all written on my MacBook or typed one handed on my phone as I sit feeding a baby or stand in a playground half watching what is going on. It’s so easy to fall out of the habit of writing with a pen and to be honest apart from signing a few school letters and greetings cards I don’t actually need to these days. So I have been thinking for World Calligraphy Day maybe putting pen to paper could be more about being creative and finding inspiration?

Counting to ten written on a notepad to help overcome writer's block, next to a green fountain pen

How To Overcome Writer's Block With Creativity

There are times I have lots of words floating round in my head and there are other days I sit down with my fingers hovering over the keyboard and no words come. Even if I do manage to type the sentences aren't cohesive or anything anyone would want to read. Normally when I get writers block I just leave it until another time or type nonsense in the hopes I can improve it later, but maybe there is a better way?

Inspired by the pens sent to me by Manuscript, a Silvine pocket notebook and World Calligraphy Day I thought I would try a little calligraphy. Maybe doing something creative would unlock those words which were struggling to come?

To be honest I find calligraphy a little scary. I am not the most artistic person and the beautiful creations of others intimidate me. But the great thing about getting creative is you don’t have to end up with a piece of art that will wow others, the process of creating is more important. Even better with calligraphy you can choose a word or short text that inspires you and go from there. I chose my blog name. 

Counting to ten written next to a fountain pen

The text alone looked a little rough, even before I smudged it, so I decided to decorate it with a simple swirling pattern then colour in alternate spaces. Part way through words came into my head and I had to stop to type a few paragraphs before continuing to colour. 

Finally I wanted to write the numbers 1 to 10 on the coloured spaces with a white pen, but my pen was in the room where my son was sleeping so I settled for a metallic rollerball instead. It’s not obvious that they are numbers but it gives the finished result a little sparkle. I love sparkle.

Counting to ten surrounded by a pattern with numbers written on in a metallic pen like fish scales

Does it look amazing? No. Will I be changing it to be my new blog header? Ha, no. Does it look any better than something I could create on Canva? No, but that’s not the point. It helped me focus on something else, it unlocked a part of my brain I don’t often use and it got me writing again.

Gifted items from Manuscript and silvine for World Calligraphy Day

***Disclosure: I was gifted the Curve Fountain Pen and a Rollerball Pen from Manuscript as well as a Silvine Pocket Notebook. (Contains affiliate links)***

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