Review: HTI Pocket Money Toys for Holiday Fun

It’s the school holidays, it can get expensive and even at home the children need a few ideas to keep them entertained and away from the TV and iPad. We were sent a box of pocket money toys from HTI and I discovered that although low cost they were definitely more than they first seemed to be.

Sisters sitting on a picnic blanket looking in a white box with an HTI label

A girl holding a retractable fishing net up and looking through it

Excitedly looking at the diablo and frisbee

A 7 year old sitting down and playing with the diablo and a 3 year old squeezing a toy poo

This is a fishing net, but not just a fishing net...

This is a net for catching butterflies, a net for fishing flies out of the paddling pool. It has an extendable handle so you can reach further but also store it away more easily. Or pack it in the car. When you are out there are ponds for dipping, crickets for catching in long wavy grass or streams that need the rubbish clearing. 

Fully extended fishing net being held in the air and a 3 year old aiming at it with a ball

rear view of a 7 year old attempting to catch a butterfly with a net

This is a frisbee, but not just a frisbee…

It’s a Hots Shots Mega Skimmer Frisbee. It is a game a family can play together, it can be packed away easily in a bag and played in the park after a picnic. It can be used at home in the mud kitchen as a tray, to carry the collection of garden finds all served up together. It can be washed clean and played with time and time again.

7 year old about to throw a green frisbee

This is a Boules Set, but not just a Boules set…

It is 8 plastic balls and a jack secured in a plastic carry case that can be reused. It is a game to take camping, it’s a competition between siblings or friends, it’s arguments over who gets to be red, or blue, “but I want to be blue AND green”. It is a fun way to learn to throw, to improve aim and concentration, a game that can be played by all ages. 

7 year old throwing yellow plastic boules balls

These are Squidgi-mal’s, but not just Squidgi-mal’s…

They are a soft toy you can squish, a fun cuddly you can hang on your school bag or clip to your bed. They are toys you can can collect and share with friends, they are balls you can throw at your sister and not be shouted at too much by your mum, because they are soft and understandably ball like. They are animals you can choose to match your personality and take with you anywhere.

7 year old holding 2 round soft toys with keyring attachments, one is a monkey the other a unicorn

This is a small soft football, but not just a soft football… 

This is not suitable for the paddling pool, “no don’t throw it in!” oh well, it will dry. It’s not expensive and it will recover. This ball is easy to catch. It is gentle to throw (even at your baby brother).

a small soft football with foam inside in a dirty paddling pool

This is a Hot Shots Juggling Diablo, but not just a Hot Shots Juggling Diablo…

It’s a reminder of a fun day out we had learning circus skills. It’s a skill to practice over and over. It’s an achievement to show off once achieved. It’s fun, it’s determination, it’s being laughed at and laughing at yourself when it falls off yet again.

A 7 year old standing up and focussing on a diablo

This is a selection of poops, but not just a selection of poops…

Ok well yes it is, but children love anything poo related don’t they? They can have whole conversations using the word poo so yes this is a stretchy poop, a sticky poo and a slingshot poop that you can make fly through the air, but that’s more than enough. Poo is funny (well not to me, but to children), poo doesn’t need to be anything else (especially when it doesn't make a mess or smell).

a 3 year old pulling faces while playing with a sticky poop toy

a 3 year old holding a slingshot poop with poop on each knee

Pocket money toys fuel the imagination and make summer holiday memories.

sisters, one playing with squeezy soft toys and the other toy poop

***Disclosure: we were sent a selection of HTI toys***

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