Heatwaves, Bubble 'N' Bop at Marsh Farm and Camping in The Rain (The First Week Of The Summer Holidays)

The Summer holidays started earlier than expected for us last week with a mystery virus. The house wasn’t ready, my work wasn’t ready and I mentally wasn’t ready, but what can you do? M has been poorly at the end of the school year for 2 of the last 3 years, she manages to wait until after the attendance figures for the year are out though. 

sweaty children on a miniature train at Marsh Farm Bubble 'n' Bop children's festival

The Magic Of Medicine

M had a strange illness which started with a headache and temperature for 2 days and then she had a temperature for the next 5 days. She felt absolutely fine when Calpol/ Nurofen kicked in so I just kept her dosed up on that for a few days and no one would be able to tell she wasn’t perfectly well. None of the rest of us have caught it, but at least I know what to do if we do.

On Monday morning I tided up the house madly because I had invited my Mum group over. There were quite a few cancellations so it ended up being just 2 of them. One of them brought their 4 year old (as well as their baby) so there was someone for Little to play with. She really enjoyed having a friend over and I don’t think there was much upset over sharing her toys which was great.

They left around lunchtime and after we had some food I got a call from school to ask me to pick M up. 20 minutes after we got home (and the medicine kicked in) she was in the paddling pool and complaining I wouldn’t let her go next door to play “but I don’t feel poorly”, the wonders of Calpol!

Tuesday I decided to let Baby Boy have a splash in the paddling pool with his sister, Little. He had a good time splashing about and I discovered that the Konfidence reusable swimming nappies hold in poo so that’s good to know (I used the swim nappy and the nappy cover over the top). Remember I am working with Konfidence this year so you can get a 10% discount on their website with this code (AFFILIATE-4503-EC4RA-AAPD) or by visiting the Konfidence store through this link.

6 month old boy in a paddling pool playing with toys

I had sent M into school Tuesday morning with a dose of Calpol (the 6 plus tablets are really handy for taking out) and she was fine until that wore off around 4 o’clock. She was at the after school club because it was a night she was meant to be going to her Dad’s house. They called me, but I was in the middle of dinner and had 2 barely dressed children so I didn’t want to leave the house immediately. Her Dad said he would leave work and head straight there (which is what most working parents would have to do), but the club were insistent she should be collected straight away. One of the teachers offered to bring her to me which was kind of them. In term time we alternate nights at her Dad’s and here, but in holidays we tend to have longer stretches to save me having to drive over there everyday. M being at our house Tuesday night meant she would end up spending a week here without seeing her Dad which is a lot to unexpectedly deal with. 

Best Teacher Card drawn in felt tip by 7 year old

The Summer Holidays Began… And So Did The Shouting

Wednesday was the last day of school before the summer and only a half day. I decided it wasn’t worth taking M in after she had been sent home 2 days in a row, but she was very upset that she was going to miss out on the presents the teachers handout. We also had the presents for her teachers and handmade cards so I suggested we went in just to hand those over. It was a bit strange taking her in just to say “hi” and go again. Sadly her teacher didn’t give her a present and fortunately M managed not to ask for it, although I could see her standing there expectantly.

M had been asking to get her ears pierced most of the year so I took her to the local jewellers as school was now out for 6 weeks. She excitedly chose some gold earrings with a pink jewel, I paid, we went through to the room where they do it and… she changed her mind. I am not remotely concerned if she gets her ears pierced or not, if anything I would prefer her to wait until she is older, but I do get annoyed with wasted money. She could not be persuaded. Fortunately they refunded most of the money (minus the cost of the now no longer sterile earrings).

I know that the weather was hot, I know that M’s routine and plans had suddenly changed, but oh my goodness the shouting on Wednesday (and every day since that they have both been home) has been extreme. They have been constantly getting at each other and arguing. So of course I have been shouting a crazy amount too.

Marsh Farm Bubble ’N’ Bop Festival AD Gifted tickets 

Thursday (the hottest day of the year so far) we headed off to Marsh Farm to the first day of their summer festival which lasts all summer. I was a little worried about heading out in the heat, but I had committed to the visit and to be honest I couldn’t bear the thought of my neighbours hearing me shouting all day long again. 

It was our best visit to Marsh Farm yet, and not just because it was our first visit that it didn’t rain. The additions for the festival are great, and we didn’t even manage to do everything. The girls got some glitter face paint as we went in then we headed straight to the beach to call off in the paddling pool. They had lots of fun splashing around, playing in the sand and the foam. 

7 year old girl crouched down and feeding 4 brown and white goat kids

We also went to a rather sweaty Bubble and Glow disco, watched the Glastonkids show, played in the soft play and reopened playground, fed the goats and went on the new train. I made a quick video if you want to see more.

Camping with Friends

Friday we had a quiet morning and I packed everything up for the girls to go camping. I was always planning to leave the girls there with G overnight and head home with Baby Boy because I was worried about the noise when he woke in the night or early in the morning.  With the weather report saying it would be wet all weekend I only packed enough food to see us through until breakfast and I thought I would see how it went. The campsite is 5 minutes away from our house and there was a group of people from school staying there so it was easy and relaxed.

The rain held off until around midnight and the girls had so much fun playing with everyone. Little fell asleep in a chair next to the campfire and M asked to go to bed around 11pm. It was so late by then I decided I may as well stay. 

The rain started in the night, but it was excellent white noise so although Little was awake for the day around 6am, Baby Boy and M slept until about 7.30am. It meant that there was no noise from other tents too, even though there had been plenty (including loud music and swearing) when I was trying to get to sleep.

After some breakfast (left over barbecued sweetcorn and Frosties) Little put her waterproof and wellies on and headed out the tent. I wasn’t sure how many other children would be up given the rain, but she obviously found someone to play with. She spent most of the time playing with another 3 year old. It was really cute how well they got on. M headed out soon after getting up and I decided to start packing the tent up, just leaving the shell as a kinda gazebo. I didn’t want to stay a second night given the weather reports and we didn’t have enough food anyway. The mud and wet grass meant that driving in and out of the site was going to be a pain too. The girls happily played in the mud and rain until I managed to persuade them to leave around 3pm. They would happily have stayed all day if I had let them. 

The wonderful thing about camping so close to home was that 15 minutes after leaving the site I was at home having a cup of tea and some toast. After a bit of TV and food M started complaining that we weren’t going back to the campsite and she wanted to play on the rope swing they had found. She definitely had FOMO. By the time I emerged from settling Baby Boy for the evening at 8pm everyone was asleep: M on the sofa, Little in her bed and G next to her bed. I would have enjoyed the quiet, but I decided to have an early night too. It's funny how comfortable a proper mattress is after a night on a thin layer of foam.

3 year old asleep in a camping chair cuddling a roll of bread

7 year old toasting a large marshmallow on a campfire

Family photo inside a tent shell

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