Review: FlipaZoo World Characters. The toy you can flip from one animal to another.

(Gifted for Review). FlipaZoo World is a range of toys from Character Options including cuddly plush animals (or hugglies as they are called in our house) and fun playsets. The special thing about these toys is each one can be “flipped” between two characters giving them extra playability.

White unicorn 16 inch plush, 8 inch penguin and Flipazoo World miniatures 4 pack for review

We were sent 2 plush toys and a mini-figure set to review. My favourite is the 16 inch (40 cm) Dragicorn which can be flipped between a white unicorn with pink hair and tail and an adorable green dragon. To change one into the other just grab them at the tail end and pull the body back over their head. The head of the first character forms the padding to fill out the padding of the second.  We were also sent an 8 inch (20 cm) plush which flips between a penguin and a while seal and a multi-pack of 4 mini-figures. The mini-figure animals are about 5 1/2 cm long with a hard plastic head and a rubbery body which you flip over to switch between animals.

Green dragon FlipaZoo large plush with pink spots and purple spines

It is really easy to switch the characters from one to the other and my daughters found it a great novelty providing extra play ideas and options. The large 16 inch plush and the mini-figures are both favourites of my 3 year old while the 8 inch plush is preferred by my 7 year old.

Series of 3 images showing how to turn a FlipaZoo world penguin into a seal

In our multipack we had the lion/ monkey, elephant/ tiger, giraffe/ hippo and white tiger/ blue elephant. Some of these are in the colours you would expect in the wild and then there is the purple hippo and blue elephant. Did you know that white tigers only exist because they were created by humans through special breeding? I’m slightly disappointed that they also didn’t create purple hippos too.

4 Pack of FlipaZoo Minis in packaging

Showing lion, grey elephant, purple hippo and white tiger FlipaZoo Mini  on a mossy stone

The quality of the mini figures isn't perfect, but painting on miniature toys like these is often imperfect. I also noticed that the characters which have paint on the rubbery bit (the tigers and giraffe) get marked easily.  I worry that there is a weak point where the 2 materials join, which is also the area under the most stress as one character is flipped into the other. My daughters didn’t notice these issues though and they haven't got damaged so far (apart from some of the paint). The mini-figures are a great size to take out with you and you get double the characters for the same space making them a great choice to take on our holiday. While I'm not a big fan of the Mini's both my daughters have been playing with them since I handed them over and they are one of my partner's favourite toys out of everything we have received recently, he particularly likes how tactile they are.

As well as the selection of 16 and 8 inch plush toys the FlipaZoo World also includes playsets including Flipazoo vehicles, Flipazoo Pods and the mini figure multi packs. The playsets are all scaled for interchangeable play. They are available to buy from Character Online for the SRP of £16.99 for the 16 inch plush, £9.99 for the 8 inch plus and £7.99 for the mini figures multipacks.

2 girls playing with the FlipaZoo World plushes sent for review

2 girls playing with unicorn and penguin FlipaZoo plushes

***Disclosure: we were sent the selection of FlipaZoo toys for the purpose of honest review. .***

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