Preschool Learning Aids for School Readiness from Small Businesses #StandWithSmall

Do children need to be able to write or recognise letters before the start school? No, but it can be useful if they at least can recognise their own name. And what about if your child is showing an interest in learning? What can you do to encourage your children to be ready for school?

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Supporting small businesses and helping get your children ready for school

At preschool Little was starting to learn numbers and letters ready for starting in Reception. Since the preschool closed due to COVID-19 I have wanted to help keep her learning in a fun way. There are loads of resources online as well as Amazon and major retailers, but what if you want to combine learning with your preschooler and supporting small businesses? Etsy is the place to look. They currently have a #StandWithSmall campaign where you can check out with their editors picks for their favourite products.

In this post I have pulled together some great resources to help get preschoolers ready for school, sold by small businesses in the UK via Etsy.

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Great Products from Small Businesses for Preschool Learning

Personalised My Name Is Spelling Mat

It can be really helpful for children to be able to recognise their name when they start school so they can find their peg etc. This laminated card with velcro letters is a great way of encouraging name recognition and how to spell it without having to worry about writing. There is the option for just first name or surname too.

my name is sienna spelling mat copyright Little Boo Learning on Etsy
My Name Is Spelling Mat by Little Boo Learning

Starting School Letter, Number and Shape Recognition Pack

A set of laminated pages which children can use a dry wipe pen to practise tracing the numbers, letters and shapes developing better pen control and improving recognition of the letters etc.

several white sheets of laminated cards which letters and shapes on copyright RainbowRobsVisuals on Etsy
Starting school recognition pack from Rainbow Robs Visuals

Wipe Clean Personalised Learn To Write Pack

A set of 4 coloured laminated cards personalised with your child's names. I particularly like that the letters are cursive style as they learn early on at school and that both the numbers and letters have arrows to show the direction of pen strokes.

4 coloured laminated cards with the alphabet, the child's name, numbers and shapes copyright Panda Personal Designs
Personalised Learn To Write Pack from Panda Personal Designs

Something beginning with Busy Bag

My Busy Bots has a great selection of Busy Bags which they handily show the recommended age range for. I really like the Something Beginning With ... bags to help develop children's sound recognition. They all come in great zip up bags to keep the pieces together.

colourful cards with 3 images on each one beginning with the same letter and magnetic lowercase letters. image copyright My busy Bots from Etsy
Something Beginning With... Busy Bag from My Busy Bots

Lower Case Letters Fabric Fridge Magnets

These fabric fridge magnets make a great alternative to plastic (and hurt less if you tread on them too). Gifts4UByDawn also sell capital letters, but children are generally taught lowercase first so these are perfect.

photo copyright Gifts4UByDawn on Etsy. Image shows lowercase fabric letters in different patterned fabrics stuck on a fridge
Fabric lowercase fridge magnets by Gifts4UByDawn

Threadtastic Busy Bag

Little Scribblers is another Etsy shop which has a great range of Busy Bags for Preschoolers. The Threadtastic bag is fun because it encourages children to match pairs, but using a shoe lace they thread through the cards instead of using a pen.

Image copyright LittleScribblersPlay on Etsy. Image shows a set of rectangular cards with images on and holes and a lace that can be threaded through to match the pairs
Threadtastic Busy Bag from LittleScribblersPlay

Handmade Weather Play Set

This is a lovely little set which can be used to talk about the weather for the day and what sort of clothes children need to wear, giving them some independence to choose appropriate clothing.

Copyright JennyBsMakes on Etsy. A small leatherette rectangle with "Today's Weather" and a stitched outline of a boy. There are several clothing items and weather bits to attach
Weather Playset from JennyBsMakes

Rainbow Felt Shapes

This cute set of felt shapes in different colours will help children to learn shapes (and colours) in a tactile way.

Other ways to prepare your child for starting school include through the use of picture books on starting school and teaching them practical skills children will need at school.

***Disclosure: the above links to Etsy are affiliate links. If you make a purchase after clicking through a link I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you if you choose to do this.***

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  1. Some great products here - I especially like the look of those busy bags. My pre-schooler would love them.


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