Review: PLAYMOBIL Family Camping Trip and Family Bicycle

(AD - Gifted) Back in January when I saw the new PLAYMOBIL camping range at the Toy Fair in London I knew my children would enjoy playing with it. They love to go camping with the freedom it gives them to stay up late, explore and have different routines to at home. We tend to only ever camp for a night or two so it means we don’t worry about all the normal rules or standards and can let the children go a bit feral (by which I mean get muddy and not wash). Back in January I was thinking about the camping trips we might go on this year and wondering how we would fit our family of 5 in our tent, I never thought that our best chance to go camping might be in our back garden. My children however are keeping the fun of camping alive with the latest PLAYMOBIL sets we were sent to review.

For a review of the Summer 2022 Family Fun Beach Holiday range check out my review.

a scene set up with PLAYMOBIL children standing in a group in the foreground with adults cooking food on a camp stove behind and a tent and family bicycle in the background
The PLAYMOBIL Family Fun sets work together really well to form a larger collection

Like all the PLAYMOBIL sets you get a great range of accessories in the box which help children become really creative in their play. Admittedly some of the pieces are very small making it a challenge with a baby around, but my daughters love to find somewhere out of their brother's way and play for hours. The sets are suitable for 4 years and upwards with my 8 year old easily being able to assemble everything on her own and my 4 year old having enough dexterity to play with the pieces without pulling them apart most of the time. 

Some of the smaller parts like the flowers, flip flops and suncream will inevitably go missing in our house over time (they are small enough to be vacuumed up) but I know from the other PLAYMOBIL sets we own (like the PLAYMOBIL summer villa we reviewed last year) that this wont ruin playability.

The packaging of the PLAYMOBIL Family Fun 70093 and 70089 camping and family bicycle sets being reviewed
Review of the PLAYMOBIL Family Fun sets 70093 and 70089

Review of PLAYMOBIL Camping Sets

PLAYMOBIL Family Bicycle Review (70093)

The family bicycle comes with a family of 4: 2 adults, 2 children and a doll. The bicycle is assembled from 23 parts (including 2 stickers). The adults can sit on the back seat and (pretend) to cycle, while the children can sit in the front after they have argued over which one of them gets to sit next to the (non-working) horn. The four wheels on the bike rotate so it can be pushed along.

If you want to store the bike back in the box when not using it then you can easily remove the canopy.

An 8 year old assembling the family bicycle from PLAYMOBIL
Assembling the PLAYMOBIL family bicycle

Playing with the PLAYMOBIL family bicycle set
Playing with the PLAYMOBIL family bicycle set

Close up of the PLAYMOBIL family bicycle set
The assembled family bicycle set complete with 4 characters and a doll

PLAYMOBIL Family Camping Trip Family Fun Tent with Camping Accessories Review (70089)

The contents of the box pretty much reads like a list of all the essentials to take camping: sleeping bags, a tent, a table, camping chairs, a camp stove, frying pan, saucepan, cool box, lantern, map, tinned food, water, orange juice, sun cream, mugs, plates even a frisbee plus a few extras to set the scene: like squirrels, a cat and flowers. The family of 3 (an adult and 2 children) are lucky enough to have a camping pitch with electricity so they can plug in their cool box.

We found it difficult to balance the characters on the camping seats and they are probably my least favourite part, but there is so much to love in this set from the suitcase to the 'cable' you can plug in to connect the cool box and the electric point.

One of the things I like about this set is that although I suspect the adult is intended to be a male (the adult female PLAYMOBIL character’s generally have boobs) he is androgynous enough that it could be a female. One of the children (the girl) has darker skin colour than the adult and “boy” making them as a family unit more reflective of reality where whole families aren’t often identical to each other.

The set contains 78 pieces and minimal assembly. The tent easily folds up and all of the set can be packed up back in the box much faster than I can load the car after a real camping trip. If you open the box initially at the right end (unlike us, oops) then the box closes properly too, a bit like a cereal box.

The contents of the Family Camping Trip set straight from the box includes several clear bags with small pieces in and instructions for assembly
The contents of the Family Camping Trip set from PLAYMOBIL

close up of stickers going on the electricity point
There are stickers for the "electric point", food, drink, map and even sun cream 

Making the PLAYMOBIL camping chairs following the instructions
Following the step by step instructions to make the camping chairs

Some of the details from the family camping set includes a camping stove, bag and a cool box that can be plugged in
The little details make the PLAYMOBIL sets great fun to play with eg you can plug the cool box into an electric point

The pop up PLAYMOBIL family tent, a sleeping bag and a suitcase with plates and food in
Putting a sleeping bag in the family tent

The family bicycle (70093) is a nice set if you already have PLAYMOBIL toys in the Family Fun range, especially as it provides 4 more characters to play with, but the family camping set (70089) makes a great value stand alone gift because it has so much included.

There is plenty more in the PLAYMOBIL Family Fun range to help build up the fun including a camper van and a camp site set with reception area and working showers, water park sets, cafe etc. At the time of publishing the sets are 25% off on the PLAYMOBIL website.

***Disclosure: We were sent the PLAYMOBIL sets for the purpose of review***

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