Review: Blume Baby Pop and Blume Dolls

(AD - Gifted campaign) My daughters love Blume dolls, you should have seen how excited my eldest was when she got the mystery mermaid doll in series 1. They play with their dolls all the time so I knew they were going to love Blume Baby Pop when we were offered it to review. We also received one of the Series 2 Blume dolls which they were delighted to get their hands on.

a girl looking at the camera behind various surprises found inside blume baby pop including babies, a nursery, a bed, stickers and a swimming pool
There is so much to find inside each Blume Baby Pop

If you aren’t familiar with Blume dolls you take them out of the outer wrapping, then pour water on the top of the flower pot with the cute little watering can which is included. The doll then grows through the soil (paper that goes soft with the water and allows the doll to push through) revealing which one of the dolls you have within seconds. Once you have got the doll out you can open the flower pot shaped container to find an outfit and accessory for the doll and the flower pot doubles up as a bit of a play world for the doll, there are even some stickers you can decorate their house with.

The Blume dolls are instantly recognisable due to their fun soft foam hairstyles. We have had a couple of accidents with the hair when my youngest has got hold of them, but my daughters now know to keep them well away from their younger sibling. The hair can come off (a bit like a wig) so you can switch the hair and clothes around between dolls or play with them without the hair (they have a little plastic bun underneath so they don’t look weird without the hair). We were sent one of the series 2 dolls and were excited to see that they all have a special surprise pattern on their hair that appears in sunlight. We got Aspen and there are some really exciting looking dolls available in series 2 according to the collector map, I am really looking forward to these coming out in the UK.

 A smiling girl about to open Blume Dolls Series 2 pot which has a yellow lid
Blume Dolls Series 2

we got Aspen blume dolls from series 2  has blue hair a turquoise dress, white hand bag and pink cat accessory
We got Aspen in our Series 2 pot

Aspen on grass showing her colour change in the sunlight
Aspen in series 2 has white snowflakes in her hair and develops blue ones in sunlight

Blume Baby Pop Review

Coming from the same world as the original Blume dolls Blume Baby Pop is a little plant nursery where you discover baby dolls and accessories for them. You don’t know which babies, accessories or even how many babies you will get in your set (it will be between 3 and 5) so there are a lot of surprises when you open them and plenty in one set for siblings to play with. 

What do you get inside Blume Baby Pop Series 1?

To start discovering what you have you take off the plastic wrap pull out the green plant pods which make a satisfying pop as they come out of the planter. Unscrew them and you will find either a baby or accessories in each of the 5 plant pods in each pack. That’s only half the surprises though.

Pull out the base of the planter and you will find a secret nursery hidden away in one of 5 themes (we got the Unicorn one). Our nursery had (what I think are) a bath, a bed and a cardboard unicorn themed backdrop. Hidden away in the nursery you will find a baby shower gift (we got a jumper seat), a costume one of the babies can wear, snuggle buddies for each baby, some stickers and accessories. Finally you will find a slide which attaches to the transparent lid to turn it into a swimming pool. 

We got a purple hedgehog, pink rabbit and turquoise bear snuggle buddies. There are 5 different designs and each comes in 7 different colours. There are also 60 plus accessories to collect and we got 7 in our box. These little single coloured moulded plastic pieces are (I think): sunglasses, keys, a pumpkin, broccoli, a tube of cream and a mirror. Handily there is a little suitcase that you can keep all these in.

The Blume Babies all come in a colourful outfit (like a swaddle) and have pretty strange hair just like the dolls. In series 1 there are 50 different doll styles and they have different hair colours, skin tones and different moods. We had 2 dreamy ones and 1 curious. If you pull off their silicone outfits you find they are wearing white nappies underneath. 

siblings opening plant pods in Blume Baby Pop review
Discovering what we got in our Blume Baby Pop

close up of a blume baby out of her swaddle, one in a swaddle and some accessories
Each pack has either 3, 4 or 5 babies in side 

Looking at the Blume Baby Pop collectors map to see which ones we got
There are lots of different babies and combinations to collect

A baby about to slide down a plastic slide into a clear lid filled with water
The Blume Baby Pop lid turns into a swimming pool for the babies

A wet Blume Baby held above the swimming pool with a blue nappy visible
When the babies go in iced water their nappy turns blue or pink

Playing with Blume Baby Pop

You can play with your babies in the little nursery or you can use the clear lid to fill with water and attach the slide so the babies have a fun swimming pool. If you take the babies swaddle off and drop them into iced water you will find out whether they are a boy or a girl by the colour their nappy goes (blue or pink).

I’m really impressed with Blume Baby Pop, there is so much to discover making them great value (£14.99 RRP). 

The set that they come in is great fun to play with. As well as the nursery and pool you can screw the plant pods back together so they can be replanted and picked getting that fun “pop” sound every time you pull them out.

After opening our Blume Baby Pop we were encouraged to see how we could use the packaging. The main part of the planter is perfect for growing seeds if you fill the hole where the plant pods were with soil. There is even a drainage hole at the bottom if you take the clear sticker off and you can use the lid as a greenhouse to encourage plants to grow faster.

My daughters decorated the outside of ours with leaves and flowers and then planted cress seeds. The great thing about cress is it grows so quickly, you can start to see growth in just a day! The little watering cans that come with the Blume Dolls are perfect for watering small plants.

My eldest had this to say about Blume Baby Pop:
They are cute and adorable and make a good noise when they come out. I loved planting the cress seeds in the pots.
Close up of a girl putting glue on paper flowers
Decorating the Blume Baby Pop planter

A decorated planter with cardboard tulips and a girl holding it while watering with the blume dolls watering can
We filled the planter with soil and cress seeds

The same planter with fully grown cress, a girl is holding it and going for a munch
A week later we had lots of cress

The packaging of Blume Baby pop and Blume Flowerpot girls series 2 before reviewing
Review of Blume Baby Pop Series 1 and Blume Series 2

***Disclosure: we were sent these products for review. Blume Baby Pop is available from Smyths, Amazon (affiliate link) and Very. Blume Dolls Series 2 will be available soon.***

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