Review: New Playmobil Family Fun Summer Holiday Sets

(Gifted) My children love splashing around in water every chance they get and it seems like the Playmobil characters feel the same. The Playmobil Family Fun sets are perfect toys for this time of year to celebrate holidays and summer fun and there are lots of sets to choose from. You can buy just one or build a collection, we received three of the sets to review.

children looking at assembled Playmobil Family Fun beach holiday sets
Review of new Playmobil Family Fun sets

The new range includes a Water Park with slides, a children’s pool, crêpe cart, a small pool with water sprayer, a jet ski with banana boat, a swimming island and paddle boat rental stall. They are recommended for children aged 4 to 10 who will love playing with them (with water and without). If you have children between 1 1/2 and 4 then check out the Playmobil 123 Aqua range instead which has sets like Splish Splash Water Park and more, all in a larger size to better suit younger children. 

Like all Playmobil sets (other than the 123 range) there are lots of small parts even after assembly and I love the attention to detail eg as part of the crêpe cart you get bananas, crêpes and chocolate spread and in the children’s pool there are armbands for the child, flowers and a towel.  We find that the small pieces get lost easily in our house, but they also create so many options for play and to create adventures for the characters. The sets also require some assembly which can be a little fiddly (my 6 year old struggled a little, my 10 year managed fine).

playing with the Playmobil Beach holiday sets
The sets are great individually or to build up a whole holiday scene

Review Of The Playmobil Sets

Playmobil Paddle Boat Rental Review 

Product number 70612

In this set you build the paddle boat rental hut which stands on stilts above the beach to give easy access for anyone who wants to take out a paddleboat. There are two paddle boats included and they actually float in water so be prepared for conversations about whether they can take their toys in the bath! 

The rental hut is assembled using little pieces that I haven't seen before in a Playmobil set. Rather than clicking one piece into the other directly there is a middle piece and it came with a tool to help you get it in place (although we found it easy enough to do with fingers). It feels like this might keep the sets together a bit better that some of our older sets and make the joints stronger, and from our experience so far it seems the case as the parts have all stayed together. We have always found most of the Playmobil sets we have stay together well when played with by my older children, but my son can be a bit rough with them.

The set comes with two children who can ride in the boats and a woman to look after the stall. She doesn’t just rent paddle boats though she can serve you some lovely fresh fruit including pineapple and watermelon or maybe you fancy coconut milk in the shell? She also has other bottles and glasses to go on her shelves so I reckon she could create you a good cocktail or fruit punch too. We found it very difficult to get the glasses and bottles on the shelves without knocking them off repeatedly, but stable small hands might manage better than us.

A young girl looking at the instruction booklet for the Playmobil family fun set
The Paddle Boat hire Playmobil set out of the box

assembling the Playmobil paddle boat hire family fun set
The set includes connection pieces you can push in by hand or with the included tool

The paddle boat hire set assembled and ready to play
All ready to play

Playmobil Crêpe Cart Review 

Product Number 70614

The Crêpe Cart set includes a rather stereotypical French figure with moustache, beret and apron who will sell you pancakes from his mobile crêpe cart, but what topping will you choose? There is fruit, chocolate and nut spread or apple sauce. The two included crêpes are soft so can be folded up to be held by the characters.

The crêpe cart has two hot plates, storage space and umbrella and is on the front of a bicycle so Mr Crêpe (my name for him, not theirs) can travel around selling his pancakey goodness. The set has to be assembled and a few stickers stuck on. There is also a customer in bikini (not removable) and flip flops (removable) so the vendor can get started in his business.

Looking at the instructions for the Playmobil crêpe set
Assembling the Playmobil Crêpe Cart

playing with the playmobil crepe cart set after assembly
All ready to play, anyone for a crêpe?

Playmobil Children’s Pool With Slide Review

Product Number 70611

The fun children’s pool set has a shallow paddling area with a small slide, swing and a shrimp rocker. There is also a jacuzzi style pool which you can make bubble by pumping air in to it. Obviously for parents of older children who don’t need to be as closely supervised, I've not managed that level of luxury at a splash park yet. 

Great features in this set include the armbands and the moving parts on the jacuzzi, bouncer and swing. There is also a palm tree, bird and salamander.

My children loved filling this with water and having fun, although the paddle boats ended up in it. That’s the beauty of the Playmobil sets though, they all work so well together. Whether you have siblings who each need their own characters and play space or you are playing with your child there are so many adventures to act out.

A close up of a child's hands putting leaves on a tree in front of the instructions for the Playmobil children's pool
Assembling a tree to go by the Playmobil children's pool

Close up of the children's Playmobil and making bubbles in the jacuzzi
You can make the 'whirlpool' bubble by pumping air in

Playing with the Playmobil children's pool set
The sets are fun whether you add water or not

Disclosure: We received the Playmobil sets in exchange for an honest review.

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