Review: Kids Against Maturity Game

(AD) Just before our recent weekend at Butlins M and I bought the Kids Against Maturity game from Smyths Toys Superstore. If the name of the game makes your children giggle cheekily then they will find playing it hilarious. Much like an episode of The Simpsons there will be rounds which make the children chuckle, rounds which make the adults snigger and some where everyone will burst out laughing (but not always for the same reason).

The Kids Against Maturity Card game box with a sample question and answer saying: Little Bo Peep lost her ... underwear
Review of Kids Against Maturity Game

Review of Kids Against Maturity Card Game

What We Like About Kids Against Maturity

It's Easy To Play

The rules are really simple so you can start playing straight away with no fuss. Basically every player gets 10 answer cards, a question card is read out and everyone puts down one of their answer cards to try to make the funniest match. The winner of the round gets the cards and the overall winner is whoever gets an agreed number of hands first. If you do need the instructions though they are printed on the inside of the box lid so there is no chance of losing them.

It's Compact

The box is small (although it’s fairly heavy) so it is great for taking on holiday.

A Good Family Game

The game works really well when you have a family with varying ages. We find that lots of our boardgames are ruined when our toddler grabs at the pieces, this card game doesn’t have that issue. While the game box says suitable for age 10 plus, children just need to be confident readers to take part. My younger children are too young to play (primarily because they can’t read) but the humour appeals to my 5 year old so she is happy to sit with us and listen to the game. My toddler just likes to join in and laugh when we do.

Play With Any Number Of People

Kids Against Maturity is recommended for 4 or more players and while we found that more players equals more laughing, we have still had fun when it’s just been me and my eldest daughter.  

Play For However Long You Want

The game can fill any length of time. The rules suggests the overall winner is whoever gets the preagreed number of round wins first and that first to 5 takes about 45 minutes. We generally play to fill gaps of time though and can just see who has won most in that time.

It's Fun For Everyone

It’s not about the winner. Yes you can have an overall winner (and the game box suggests they should be given a wedgie!) but my competitive family haven’t actually been bothered about the overall winner. It really feels like one of those games where the value is in the enjoyment of playing. 

It's Educational (yes really)

I like that the game encourages literacy in a fun way; as well as the obvious reading practice it helps develop comprehension skills, metaphors, similes and grammar (the sentences are funnier when grammatically correct).

A family sitting at the table on holiday playing Kids against maturity
My eldest finds her answers the funniest nearly every time!

sample question and answer cards for Kids Against Maturity saying "Snap, Crackle and ..." with answers given of: "granny pants", "push pops", "cheesy poofs" and "Tummy Bubbles"
The answers for one of our rounds, which do you think should have won?

Kids Against Maturity Is Not For Everyone Though

Whether you will want to buy or play this game will depend a lot on your sense of humour. If you find the mention of “big butts”, “boogers”, “Mary Ploppins” and general toilet humour offensive then this is NOT the game for you. If you like the idea of the game generally, but some of the content puts you off the box suggests that you might want to go through the cards in advance and remove any you find offensive, but with over 600 question and answer cards you should still have plenty left.

The game is played by everyone choosing an answer cards which completes a sentence on the question card. The innuendo possible from some combinations have the potential to be riskier than you might want depending on the age of the children playing eg for the question card asking “Where do babies come from?”, the adults might be tempted to put down cards such as “plunger”, “tickling my fancy”, “turkey baster”, “awesome sauce” or “ding dong” leading to a conversation you might not want to have then and there. Children however are more likely to place down innocent suggestions like “kittens in mittens”, “your mom” or “cooties”. Other questions are less likely to result in innuendo like: “I gave up ________ for lent”, “It’s raining ________ and dogs” and “I won the national spelling bee contest with the word________.”

The game is clearly created by Americans with American spellings and references that wont always makes sense to British children, depending on their level of exposure to American TV, games and culture. We allowed my daughter to take a new card if she didn’t understand it so it wasn't an issue.

A hand of 10 answer cards from Kids Against Maturity being held while playing the game with family on holiday to review the card game
Each round you have to choose one of your 10 cards to make the funniest answer to the question card

Our Verdict on Kids Against Maturity

So overall Kids Against Maturity is not a game for everyone and it admits that on the box. While some will find it poor taste others will find it absolutely hilarious. It totally cracks my daughter up and her laughter is contagious. It’s a good game to take away on holiday and I can see us playing it at family gatherings like Christmas too (maybe not with Great Grandparents present though).

***Disclosure: we received a payment to buy the game, review it and post about it. All thoughts are our own though***

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