Why Black Clothes Are The Best

AD I sit in bed when I wake up scrolling through Instagram and double tap  yet another picture of someone wearing bright colours or animal prints, but then I go and buy a load more clothes in black. I own a fairly eclectic mix of clothes, but it’s the same items that I pull out of the wardrobe time and time again. It’s not just that black is practical or that it is really easy to coordinate with, but I also get comfort from wearing black.

Sitting on a sofa wearing a black top and shorts and smiling to be happy wearing black
Feeling relaxed in Black Bardot Top & Cycling Shorts Co-ord

Black clothes are always going to be the staple of my wardrobe and here is why:

Black is Flattering

Other than in really bright light black tends to hide lumps and bumps making it more flattering for those of us who have extra curves. Black clothes can have a (temporary) fat removal surgery effect, so to speak. You don’t get the shadows that are in paler colours and contours are less obvious meaning that skin tight items are more flattering and your silhouette smaller. The same principle means you can probably get away without ironing too.

Posing in black crop top and cycling shorts
Whatever the season I have a black outfit for it

It's Easy to Coordinate

If you have a black item of clothing you can can pair it with nearly anything (the jury is out on whether navy and brown are acceptable, but it wont hurt people’s eyes like clashing prints can). If you go for a pattern then you need to think more carefully about what to pair it with and that can be a bit much first thing in the morning.

A tired looking mum wearing pleather trousers
Black PU Trousers are surprisingly practical with children

It Feels Safe

It may just be psychological, but there is something which feels safe about black clothes. They allow you to blend in with the metaphorical shadows and hide. If you are walking down a crowded street wearing a black tracksuit you are unlikely to turn heads in the same way you would if you were wearing electric pink. Of course you may want to turn heads, but when you want to hide black clothes are a safe bet.

Feeling safe and cozy in a baggy black hoody
Hoodies are perfect for days you want to hide

Black Doesn’t Go Out of Fashion

The style of clothes may go in and out of fashion, but black will always be acceptable colour to wear. I remember when chartreuse was in fashion, and neon orange, eek! Once upon a time paisley print was all the rage. Even if you like to buy fast fashion items, buying in black means the clothes are likely to be worn more rather than end up in landfill after even the charity shop fails to give it away.

It's Easy to Wash

We all know we are meant to separate washing into lights and darks, but if you are only wearing blacks (with maybe the occasional navy or dark grey item) you can chuck it all in to the one wash without a second thought.  Brights and prints take so much longer: my Bretton t-shirts? Should they go with lights, darks or a separate wash. And then there are my grey clothes (I love grey too) they are on a sliding scale between pretty much black and nearly white making it confusing which pile to add them too. Black clothes are so easy to wash and save me a lot of time and brain ache.

I do love prints and bright clothes, but my heart (and the lazy part of my brain) will always head to the dark side first. 

Clothes gifted from Femme Luxe

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