3 Easy Home Mini Makeover Ideas with Desenio

AD If you are looking for inspiration on how to make your home look fresher and a little more styled then I have three simple ideas for you. Here are some really easy ways to transform corners of your family home using wall art and you wont even need to get the drill out.

A child's bedroom with framed wall art on the wall
Wall art can make a big difference to the feel of a room

Mini Home Makeover Ideas With Wall Art

A Flexible Collage Wall

I have some big empty walls in my house, like the one above my bed, that I have never managed to decide what to do with. I have debated painting them an interesting colour or adding a mural with statement wallpaper, but they have both seemed like such a big commitment I haven’t been able to choose. I’ve considered putting up some large prints in frames, but I’ve been unsure about what sort of image to go for. Even with the help of Desenio’s Gallery Wall tool which lets you see how different prints work together I couldn’t decide. Sometimes I’m not very good at making decisions.

If you want to make a wall more interesting without any long term commitment then how about creating a collage wall with prints and washi tape? To make it really easy Desenio sell wall collage kits of 20 A5 prints. They have 4 different collections each with a different theme. Using washi tape to attach them to the wall means it’s easy to reposition the prints, switch them out and remove them whenever you fancy a change (if you have wall paper or very delicate paint you might want to check the washi tape doesn’t damage it in an inconspicuous spot first).

Sitting in front of a temporary wall art collage in bedroom with a cup of tea
I love that the washi tape gives me the flexibility to change the prints whenever I want

Home Organisation

Are you the sort of person that leaves yourself notes by the door so you don’t forget the essentials? Well this mini makeover is for you. With three children I often have so many different things to remember when leaving the house that I really struggle. My daughters have to go to school in PE kit twice a week, they each do an after school club on another day which requires PE kit to be taken in, then we have Karate and dance class, library books, reading books, water bottles and any other random request the school makes like “crazy hair day”. 

Desenio have a range of organisational prints which are really handy for anyone who wants to be more organised. My favourite is the weekly planner which I chose in the larger size so there is plenty of space to write on it. If you put the print in a frame you can easily write on it with a dry wipe or chalk pen and clean it off to start over for a new week. I bought a black chalk pen with the frame and print which comes off easily with a damp cloth, but doesn’t get rubbed off by someone brushing past it.

My Weekly Planner is next to the front door so it is easy to check as we go out. Better still other people can see what needs to be remembered each day too so it helps share the responsibility. 

I have attached mine to the wall using a canvas hanger using a removable glue pad because I struggle to drill holes in our walls. The Desenio frames contain plastic rather than glass so they are light enough to be held securely with this sort of temporary wall hook.  

Weekly planner in rose gold frame being written on with a chalk pen
Going into the New Year more organised thanks to this planner

Easy Children’s Decor

My last mini makeover was in my son’s bedroom where I have put up some framed A4 prints. Desenio has a huge range to choose from in lots of different sizes.  I chose a variety of styles that I knew my son would love, but with a similar colour theme to pull them together. I decided to try the wall hooks that Desenio sells for hard walls and they were so easy to use. In the past I have tried putting hooks up by drilling a hole and adding a raw plug and I always make a mess. With these wall hooks I put a mark where I wanted the hook to go, positioned it over the top so I could see the mark in a little hole that’s in the middle and then I hammered in the the 3 pins to the wall. Really quick, really easy. The hooks are the perfect size and shape to go into the attachment on the back of the frames making the pictures sit straight and securely. The hardest part of putting them up was working out the spacing and where to position them, but I think they look great.

me hammering in a hardwall picture frame hook
The wall hooks were really easy to put up

It took me less than an hour to do all 3 mini makeovers and I am so happy with the results.

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