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Jewellery is expected to be a big trend for men’s fashion in 2022. From layers of chain necklaces to a more subtle cuff bracelet they were all over the catwalks, so are we going to see “normal” men adorned with bling this summer?  Read on to find out and for your chance to win a voucher.

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I find the psychology of fashion rather interesting. The catwalks obviously show over the top styles designed to make a statement and hit the fashion columns, but aspects of them do make it into everyday clothing. There might be styles that are just a one season thing and only likely to be spotted on the most style aware, but fashion does change over time and when a style hangs around long enough everyone ends up influenced.

Take me and skinny jeans. I remember when they first became a thing and I refused to wear them, clinging to my baggier fit denim which I felt was more flattering. I thought the tight leg wear would make anyone with an average size (or larger) waist look a bit unbalanced like an upside down triangle. A few years later I was buying them in Marks & Spencers and now my wardrobe is full of them. And apparently now flares are back in, which I have no inclination to go back to. Fast forward 5 years and I imagine I will have changed my position. 

My point isn’t just that I am absolutely not a trend setter or even early adopter of fashion, but more than big trends tend to gradually infiltrate normal everyday clothing so what might seem a little daring now becomes normal in a few years. If the catwalks are to be believed we are going to see an increase in men’s jewellery over the next few years so how can men be eased into this trend?

5 Easy Ways For Men To Get Into The Jewellery Trend

(Images used with permission from Trendhim)

A thin leather wrap around bracelet - simple elegant, and with minimal metal this bracelet is one most men would feel comfortable wearing.

Lucleon - Collins 3mm brown leather wrap around bracelet

A stylish watch - knowing how many steps you have taken and boring sports watches are likely to take a backseat as watches become about style and elegance.

Seizmonth - Troy Calm Single-Hand 24 Hour Watch
Seizmonth - Troy Calm Single-Hand 24 Hour Watch
Cuff links - less time in the office and relaxed clothes being worn every day will encouraging more effort for social engagements. Cuff links are an easy way for men to add jewellery without leaving their comfort zone.

Bohemian Revolt - Beonca Geo Remix Cufflinks from TrendHim
Bohemian Revolt - Beonca Geo Remix Cufflinks

A simple chain necklace - while necklaces might take longer for non jewellery wearing men to adopt, this simple black chain is subtle enough to ease them in.

Lucleon - 6mm Black Chain Necklace image from TrendHim
Lucleon - 6mm Black Chain Necklace

Functional jewellery - if it has a purpose then there is a reason to wear it right? This bottle opener rings allows men to adopt the jewellery trend with an excuse of functionality.

Lucleon - Black Bottle Opener Steel Ring image from TrendHim
Lucleon - Black Bottle Opener Steel Ring

Not convinced? While the last century hasn’t often seen the everyday man wear much more than a watch and wedding ring, throughout history men regularly wore more flamboyant items from the prehistoric fang necklaces to metal cuffs worn by roman soldiers. In the 16th century most paintings of high status men showed them with earrings and the punk rockers of the 80s had a love affair with studs and piercings.

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