10 Ways To Use Wall Stickers You (Probably) Haven't Thought Of

Wall stickers are an easy way to transform spaces which are perfect for anyone because they can be put up quickly and normally removed without leaving any damage. You can instantly makeover your office with a motivational message or a children’s bedroom with a large mural of a rainbow or a tractor with no skill required. They aren't just about simple wall decorations though, there are lots of creative and practical ways you can use lovely wall stickers.

A side cabinet covered in wall stickers as designed by tenstickers.co.uk
Wall stickers can be used for so much more than just decorating walls

10 Creative Ways To Use Wall Stickers


Are there some things you end up saying repeatedly every day? Well save your voice and try using a sticker instead. Whether it’s a reminder for people to take their shoes off by the front door, put the toilet seat down or to wash their hands properly a wall sticker can act as a prompt so you don’t have too.

Remove Shoes here wall sticker on the floor. Image from tenstickers.co.uk
Use stickers as visual prompts around the home

Personalising Your Child's Bike

While you can theoretically name any item than a smooth, flat and nonporous items putting your child’s name on their bike is a great way for people to see at a glance who it belongs too. There are lots of wall stickers for kids that will add some personality to the bike as well making sure they love it even more.

Christmas and Easter Decorations

I’ve used wall stickers for Christmas decorations every year because they look great and they are pretty child safe. Whether you want to stick them on a wall, window or door wall stickers are an easy way to help decorate your house for any occasion including Christmas, Easter and Birthdays.

Brighten Up Furniture

There are lots of ways you can transform furniture with the help of wall stickers, from subtle designs using small stickers to cut to measure repeating patterns that you can entirely cover drawer or cupboard fronts with. They instantly upgrade basic furniture bringing in colour and fun. You could even use wall stickers on your kitchen appliances! 

a chest of drawers covered in cut to measure dinosaur wall stickers. Image used with permission from tenstickers.co.uk
Make any piece of furniture fun and unique by adding wall stickers

Tile Transformations

If you have flat tiles in your bathroom or kitchen you can quickly make the room look different with tile stickers. Whether you are looking for a way to makeover a rented house without permanent damage or just a low budget option to make your kitchen more styled there are lots of different sticker options available. 

Create An Easy Chalkboard

If you don’t want to put up a physical chalkboard and aren’t brave enough to commit to chalkboard paint how about wall stickers than can be used as a chalkboard? Whether you have them as a fun place for children to get creative or you use them for meal planning the stickers are really easy to put up (and remove if you decide you no longer want them).

a mountain range chalkboard wall sticker in a nursery. Used with permission from tenstickers.co.uk
Add a chalkboard to your wall quickly with a chalkboard wall sticker

Get Organised

Do your children always forget which toys go away in which box? Do they forget which drawer has tops in and which trousers? Or maybe you want to remind them which cupboard belongs to each child?  Well you can easily create personalised wall stickers in a huge variety of fonts and styles so whether you want one saying “LEGO”, “T-shirts” or “Peter’s things” it’s easy to do.

Wall Clock

Combining an easy way to makeover a space with something practical you can get a big variety of wall stickers in the style of a clock and then add on a mechanism so it actually tells the time. Really easy and no need to hang anything permanent on your wall.

Photo Frames

If you like to put photographs up on the wall, but want something more original than normal frames how about a photo backdrop with spaces for photos. No drill or nails, just use blue tack or washi tape or other adhesive to keep photos in place.

Stick on wall sticker picture frames from tenstickers.co.uk
Picture frames which require no tools, these stick on frames are a fun way to add photos to your wall

House Number On Rubbish Bins

If you always have a bit of a scramble on bin day to make sure you get your bins back (rather than those broken or unwashed ones) then it’s worth putting your address, or at least house number, on your bins. Wall stickers are an easy way to do this and as long as you apply them properly the stickers should stay firmly attached whatever the weather.

How To Get The Most Out Of Wall Stickers

To ensure best results from your wall stickers always follow the instructions from the seller. Make sure the surface is clean and try, don't apply to newly painted surfaces and just take your time. I have found they are really easy to remove from glass and our IKEA cupboards. On painted walls they sometimes leave a little bit of adhesive which needs cleaning off, and sometimes they can peel paint off, especially if I am peeling too quickly. It will depend on the paint surface, how long they have been up and the brand of wall sticker. 

***This post is in collaboration with tenstickers.co.uk***

10 Creative Ways To Use Wall Stickers
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