Renovating An Old Home? 3 Value For Money Home Improvements You Need To Make

Collaborative post by another author.  Home renovation projects can be a great way to invest your money and get a speedy return on your investment if you make smart decisions and can sell quickly. Here are three home improvements that give you such excellent value for money, you cannot afford to NOT make them.

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Bring The Central Heating Up To Date

The systems that underpin our homes will often go overlooked. The plumbing, heating, and electrical systems get taken for granted, and we do not know what we have until it is gone.

If you are upscaling an old property you are looking for improvements and alterations, you can make that will add to the property value and help pay for themselves over time. Upgrading your home heating system and getting a boiler replacement gives you lots of bang for your buck and adds a feature that prospective buyers will love.

Modern heating systems are incredibly energy efficient compared to the type of boiler you will find in an old and neglected property. These savings help you cut the cost of monthly bills while you make more changes to the home. Boiler replacement from professional heating engineers like Bbright is a simple and cost-effective way to upscale your home heating and gives you time to concentrate on other jobs. Let a qualified team of professionals handle the installation and crack on with the rest of the work.

Create A Heart For The New Home

Family life centres around the kitchen. The living room gets plenty of use, and everyone spends a good amount of time in their bedroom, but the kitchen is the most communal space in most family homes.

Investing a little extra time and money in this area of your property renovation can pay huge dividends down the line. Modern kitchens are a massive selling point for a home, and one of the most frequently requested features for home buyers that will get them booking the removals company. Not only are you adding property value, but you are also adding desirability.

Think carefully about the design of your kitchen, not just ergonomically but also aesthetically. You may like the look of a minimalist and monochrome modern kitchen, but will that stand the test of time? If you want a kitchen that will still be tempting buyers in five or ten years, it may need a more traditional look. Design features like clever storage and marble kitchen worktops will help potential buyers fall in love with your home.

Spend Extra Money On High-Quality Flooring

When renovating a home, and decorating one, people will often spend lots of money on walls and furnishings and forget about their flooring.

Giving the flooring in your new property a high-quality finish is a wise investment and you can find a wide range at Flooring365. Hardwood floors instead of laminates, and stone-tiling instead of linoleum, will give you floors that will last and be very attractive to house hunters when the time comes to cash in.

When it comes to carpet, especially upstairs in bedrooms and hallways, you should spend a little extra on something luxurious. A deep pile, soft carpet is perfect for every bedroom. You might want something hard wearing in high-traffic areas, like the hall and landing space outside an upstairs family bathroom.

These three improvements combined can give you a good return on your investment, and help you make a quick sale, but they will also make a home that you love to spend time in. When you are renovating an old property, make sure you make these renovations.

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