How To Avoid Paying Full Price for LEGOLAND Tickets

LEGOLAND is a great day out, but it's an expensive one too. The good news is that with a bit of planning you won't need to pay full price for your tickets and there are lots of ways to save money. You can also save money on your visit with these planning tips.

Going to LEGOLAND Windsor and advice of getting cheaper tickets
How to get the cheapest tickets for LEGOLAND Windsor

How To Get The Cheapest LEGOLAND Windsor Tickets

Don't Pay For Toddlers

Anyone over 90cm needs a ticket, but those under 90cm go free because there are less rides for them to enjoy (read this to find out which rides are best for young children). They will measure children on the gate if they think they are around that height so it's good to be sure. Tickets for children 90cm and over and adults are the same price. 

Buy Tickets In Advance

Full price tickets bought on the day are currently £62 per person (they still ask you to buy online though) and the cheapest tickets are usually purchased via the LEGOLAND website in advance. If you are visiting outside of school holidays you can get the tickets for half price (£32) if bought online at least a day in advance, but if lots of tickets sell for that date the price increases. At peak times (eg the summer holidays) the cheapest advance price is £39 per person.

On popular days tickets sell out in advance which makes prebuying tickets even more of a good idea. The downside is that tickets can not be refunded or exchanged if you decide not to go, but they might allow you to change the date of your visit (eg if someone has COVID) and you can apply for a date change via the website.

Season Tickets

You can get season tickets for LEGOLAND or use a Merlin pass, but you currently still need to prebook your ticket online to be guaranteed entry. Not all levels of the season tickets/ passes are valid every day so check the small print when buying or when planning to visit, you can pay a small charge to visit on the days your pass doesn't cover. If you are considering buying a season ticket keep an eye out for when they are on offer to get them at the best price, this will normally be early in the season and sometimes at popular sale times (eg January sales and Black Friday).

Finding Offers On LEGOLAND Tickets

There are regularly offers available on food products eg Kelloggs often have an offer on cereal packets giving 2 for 1 entry, however this is only available on full price tickets so depending on the current prepurchase price of tickets for the date you are going it might not be the cheapest way to get tickets. You can now use these online for advance booking, but the price will change to the full price amount.

Tesco Clubcard

Tesco Clubcard vouchers can be used to pay in full or to reduce the price of tickets. There are a limited number of tickets per day available which are available using Clubcard vouchers and they aren’t valid on 2-6 June or 4-6 November, but if you have some built up they are a great way to save money on advanced entry. You exchange the points on the Tesco app (or website) then use the code on the LEGOLAND website.

SUN Savers

SUN Savers is the tabloid newspapers loyalty programme. Each day a code is printed in the paper and you need to enter the codes on the app to get access to offers which include reduced price holidays, free ticket giveaways and at times offers on LEGOLAND tickets. You purchase the tickets via the SUN Savers app.

Blue Light Discount

NHS staff can get reduced price tickets which currently appears to be £27 per person off peak. Buy these via the Blue light cards website or other work schemes.

Windsor And Maidenhead Advantage Card

Locals may be able to save up to 40% with the Windsor and Maidenhead Advantage Card, but this wont always be less than the prebooking price without offers.

Second Day Discount

If you book a hotel stay through the LEGOLAND Holidays website (regardless of the hotel) it gives you an option at the time of booking to add a second day at the resort for £15 per person. If staying at one of the two LEGOLAND hotels they may allow you to book a second day at a reduced rate during your stay if not done in advance, but it will be subject to availability so it is recommended that if you want to go on two days either side of your hotel stay you book the second day at time of hotel booking. 

Rumour has it that if you arrive at the hotel in the afternoon you can sometimes walk straight into the theme park as they no longer have anyone checking tickets.  

Sunday Saver

In 2022 LEGOLAND are offering prebooked tickets for a family of 4 for £120 in June and July. This includes on the Ninjago weekends. The offer price can not be adjusted for a different family size so any additional tickets have to be bought at the current online price for that day.

Adult and Preschooler Tickets 

If you are travelling with a child age 4 or under on a weekday outside of holidays you can get a joint adult and preschooler ticket for only £25 (they are subject to availability). Even if they are under 90cm if it is just the two of you it is worth getting this ticket as it is cheaper than an adult ticket and free child. 

A season ticket for “Adult and Toddler” (age 4 and under) costs only £49 and the pass is in the child’s name so different adults can go with them on different days. It is worth noting that with this you also get 10% off in the shops, 20% off food & drinks and if you buy parking at the ticket office it apparently costs only £4. Like all season tickets you still need to book entry for the day you are visiting, but if you are going to be able to go two of more times in term time this ticket is great value.

Group Tickets

If you are booking for a group of between 10 and 29 people you can book online in advance from £20 per child and £25 per adult. Even in the summer the tickets are at a reduced £28 and £30 so organising to go with a couple of other families might save you a lot of money.

Carer Tickets

If you are visiting the park with someone meeting the criteria you can get one free carer ticket. The website says that the guest/s with the carer need to have a full price ticket, but when buying in advance online, after selecting the carer ticket it allows you to buy the other tickets at whatever the current advanced price is.  Read the criteria here.

You may also be eligible for a Ride Access Pass, these need to be applied for AT LEAST 7 days before visiting. LEGOLAND recommend you have an access card before applying (for more information see their Accessibility page).  These passes allow you to spend less time in the physical queue as you can join most rides via a shorter queue. You then can’t use the pass again until the same amount of time has passed as the predicted queue time. You can of course go on other rides without using your Ride Access Pass in that time though.

Other Advanced Purchases To Buy Online With Your LEGOLAND Ticket

You might also want to buy parking, photo passes and drink refills in advance for convenience. 


Unless you are staying at the LEGOLAND hotels you have to pay for parking and both normal and priority parking are slightly cheaper in advance so you might want to buy online with your tickets. Priority parking is closer to the gate than most of the normal parking, but the main benefit is that if you leave at the same time as everyone else then it can reduce the time you are stuck in the traffic jam of people leaving. At busy times there is still a wait going to the exit though so whichever parking you go for be prepared for a slow exit if you leave at closing time.

Currently (and historically) the exit gates have been open at busy times to allow traffic to leave quickly so they haven't been checking for proof of payment HOWEVER they are introducing Automatic Number Plate Recognition and are asking for number plates when paying for parking which is likely to prevent this in future. 

Digipass/ Imagic

If you like to get ride photographs and you are planning on going on the rides that take photographs (not all do) then Imagic might be a great option for you. A 1 day pass is currently £20 which allows you to get all your pics digitally. Photographs are available on Laser Raiders, LEGO® NINJAGO® The Ride, The Dragon, Pirate Falls, Viking River Splash, LEGO® City Deep Sea Adventure and Fairy Tale Brook.

If you do get one it is worth checking the picture has saved to your pass correctly and downloading it straight away as it can be glitchy.

Coca Cola Freestyle

You can buy refillable "drinks vessels" to use at the refill machines around the park. These start at £12 for one day with discounts on multiple purchases and refills only on additional days costing £6. It is worth it if you like to drink lots of cold fizzy drinks, but expensive if you only use them a couple of times. Plus you have to collect the vessel from the sweet shop at The Beginning and carry it around all day so not for everyone.

Are the LEGOLAND Reserve and Ride Queue Jump Passes Worth It?

There are various levels of reserve and ride tickets available for purchase which have the benefit that you spend less time in the queues. If it is a busy day they mean you get on far more rides, but on a quiet day you will get less value from them. The challenge is you wont know in advance how busy it will be and due to limited availability on a busy day when you would want one most they might have sold out in advance.

There are 27 attractions included in Reserve & Ride although 4 of those (Coastguard HQ, Destiny's Bounty, Flight of the Sky Lion and Fire & Ice Free Fall) are only available with the most expensive 'Ultimate' version. Due to the mix of rides included like DUPLO L-Driver and Mia's Riding Adventure no single person would be able to go on all the rides even if there was time.

Reserve and Ride operate a virtual queuing system allowing you to reserve a place in one ride queue at a time. How long you have to wait in the virtual queue compared to the current estimated queue time depends on the level you purchase with Express halving the queue time and Ultimate removing the wait entirely.

Why not also check out my post on what to do on the day of your LEGOLAND visit.

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