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Collaborative post by PartyWorld. Are you tasked with the serious job of planning an amazing hen party? Between bridesmaid negotiations and wedding logistics, you might be feeling that creating a wonderful girls celebration is slipping down your To-Do list. Having some games up your sleeve is a good idea, to give your event some structure and break the ice between those who don’t know each other. However, while you might have remembered the invites and finally agreed the guest list, it’s possible you haven’t actually planned anything to make the party go with a bang yet. But never fear! At PartyWorld we are experts in all things celebratory. Here is our guide to the very best in hen party games…

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Who knows the bride best?

A hen party isn’t just any old event. It’s got to be a night of fun, but with a healthy dollop of nostalgia mixed in. Here is your nostalgia hit. You’ll need the bride’s collaboration to come up with a list of questions about her – 10 to 15 is about right. Hand out sheets with these questions on to your guests, and give them a limited time frame to write down their answers. When the time is up, everyone swaps sheets with a neighbour to mark their answers, and the bride gives out her answers. There will be a lot of giggles, possibly some competition, and probably some tears as you all get to know each other that much better. 

Pin the Junk on the Hunk

It wouldn’t be a hen party without a bit of racy and raucous fun would it? PartyWorld’s Pin the Junk on the Hunk game takes the classic Pin the Tail on the Donkey to a new level, and when your Hunk is unveiled you’ll find yourself with a lot of excited bridesmaids! Everyone gets their own character sticker, and takes it in turns to don the comedy eyemask, be spun around three times, and then take their chance at sticking their sticker over the right…area. Introduce a bit more risk by making the losers take a dare (have PartyWorld’s set of dare cards on hand for this!)

Photo call

Every bridesmaid loves to get dressed up, and a hen night is a great excuse. With PartyWorld’s hilarious set of photo props, you can get your hens pulling perfect poses – which will make for excellent souvenirs after the event, as well as a hilarious interlude during the party. These sets of photo props are perhaps the ultimate hen party accessory and are a must-have for any hen planner.

Beer pong

A hen night take on the classic American college game is bound to get the party started. Split your hens into two teams, and put half your glasses at one end of the table, half at the other. Each team takes turns to bounce their ping pong balls into their opponent’s glasses. If you manage to land your shot, your opponent drinks the glass. However, if you miss, you drink… This game doesn’t have to be played with beer – it works just as well with prosecco although you might not want to fill the glasses quite so full…

I dare you…

Hopefully you’ve already got PartyWorld’s special set of hen party dare cards on hand for this one – alternatively you could make your own. Another great ice breaker, it’s also a fantastic way to keep things moving, and to distinguish this event from any other night out. Make sure to get a photo of each dare – which will leave the bride with some excellent souvenirs of her big night! If you’re feeling like some old school kitsch, get hold of PartyWorld’s Hen Party Spinner Game. With dares ranging from removing a guys shirt, to singing a love song at the top of your lungs or doing a crazy dance, it’s sure to loosen everyone up. To crank the atmosphere another notch, split your party into two teams, and work through the dares team against team. You’ll be amazed at how people’s competitive streaks come out! 

Drink if…

This one gets the alcohol flowing fast! Simply make sure you have plenty of your tipple of choice on hand, fill everyone’s glasses, and start reading through PartyWorld’s set of “drink if you’ve ever…” cards. If you can answer yes to the proposition on the card, you take a drink. You’ll learn some surprising facts about your friends in no time!  

Celebrity couples

A quick one to have up your sleeve in case of a lull in proceedings, this is a simple game that will get everyone guessing. Print off photos of celebrity couples past and present. Your hens have to name each person in the photos – and bonus points if they can tell you if the couple are still together! 

Pinata time!

A pinata is a classic party game. A celebratory figure is filled with sweets and treats, and guests enjoy smashing it up to reveal the treasures inside. PartyWorld can make your pinata extra special with our personalised service – get the bride’s name and the date of her hen party emblazoned across her pinata. You could even fill it with personalised love heart sweets (also available from PartyWorld), or special hen party favours for each attendee. It would be a great place to hide your hen party bags and create a lovely surprise for your guests.

Besties forever

This game is a really lovely way to show the bride how special her friendships are. Before the party, get each guest to email you telling you about when they first met the bride. After a few drinks, sit the bride down with a glass of something nice in her hand, and ask her to read through each printed-off response. She then has to make a guess and tell the crowd who wrote each answer. It’s a gentle prompt for a trip down memory lane, and there are sure to be lots of laughs, as well as a wonderful feeling of love in the room. 

Naughty games

A hen wouldn’t be quite complete without some naughtiness. Mixed with a good degree of silliness, of course. And they don’t come much sillier than Willy Bingo. PartyWorld’s Willy Bingo set will have you giggling before you even start. The rules are simple. Each player / team is given 1 Willy Bingo Playing Card. The bride shuffles the 12 master cards and places them face down on the table. She then selects a card and holds it up to everyone loudly calling out the willy’s name! Each player / team must find the willy that has been called on their own Willy Bingo Card and cover it with an L Plate marker. The first person to get 3 in a line shouts “Willy Bingo!” and must then do a dare! 

Whatever your hen party plans, including a few games is a great way to get the party atmosphere started. From hen party decorations, to the contents of your hen party bags, PartyWorld have got all your celebratory needs covered. Just add prosecco and you’re ready to go wild! 

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