What To Expect From An MRI

Collaborative post by another author. Being told you need to undergo any sort of medical test or procedure can be an incredibly worrying time. It can leave us feeling anxious and scared, often concerned as much about the test itself than the eventual results. 

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An MRI scan is a relatively new procedure in the world of healthcare. As a result, it can be misunderstood and there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding the process and the technology. If you have been booked in for an MRI, you will no doubt be full of questions. We’re here to demystify the process and let you know what to expect from an MRI. 

How Does An MRI Work?

A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner is a machine that can produce highly detailed images of the inside of the body though the use of powerful radio waves and magnetic fields. Patients are asked to lie inside a large metal tube while the machine conducts scans of their head and body. MRIs use extremely complicated technology and advanced software from companies like CircleCVI to produce images. The detail is such that doctors can use MRIs to diagnose a wide range of different conditions and diseases.  

If you’ve got an appointment for an MRI scan coming up, you will most likely be wondering what exactly is involved in the procedure. Let’s find out. 

You Will Be Asked To Fill Out A Form

Before you can have an MRI scan, you will be required to fill out a short form and return it to the present medical workers. This form will cover basic personal contact and health details, as well as some points specific to the MRI procedure. 

MRIs use powerful magnets to create images. What this means is that metal is strictly forbidden from entering the machine. Any metal on or in your body could react to these magnets and could cause you serious injury. The form will ask you to confirm that you have no metal in your body, such as plates, pins, or pacemakers. It will also ask if you could have metal in your body from shrapnel or an accident. 

Your Clothes Will Be Checked

If you arrive for your MRI scan wearing clothes containing metal, such as fasteners or zips, you will not be allowed to wear them inside the machine. The staff will provide you with suitable clothes to wear should this be the case. You may be able to avoid this by wearing appropriate clothing ahead of time, but sometimes they will ask you to wear a hospital gown anyway. 

You Might Be Injected With Dye

Sometimes, to aid in the generation of images, patients might be injected with a type of dye before undergoing their MRI scan. This dye, also known as a contrast agent, is made up of a substance known as gadolinium. This chemical is generally harmless and should cause no real side-effects. However, some people can display an allergic reaction, so you may be asked to wait after your scan to monitor for a response. 


Getting an MRI can be a worrying time. Thankfully, there isn’t really anything to fear about the procedure itself. Use this guide to know what to expect from an MRI. 

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