5 Long Distance Mother’s Day Gifts to Show Your Love From Afar

Collaborative post by another author. We all want to give our mothers a heartwarming gift on Mother’s Day but we aren't always able to do this in person. Even though sometimes we can only do something good for our mums from afar, it's still nice to give them at least a little piece of what they do for us every day. The following ideas come from the heart and the gifts will feel almost like a hug.

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Send Her Flowers

Who's heart doesn't lift when they receive a fresh, colourful bouquet of flowers? But if we can't see each other in person, of course, it's going to be difficult. The poor flowers probably won't survive even a few days in the mail either. What to do? Why not call the local flower store that is close to where your mom lives - many stores offer deliveries nowadays. The huge number of online stores/deliveries is useful as well. Thanks to the Internet, you can send Mother’s Day presents in Dubai, London, Paris, Tokyo, and any other city around the globe.

An Online Cooking Class

If your mum loves to cook, then a certificate for an online cooking master class would be a good gift for her. Choose the version of the master class that will teach a really interesting and unusual dish. Perhaps after the class, your mum will become a pro at making ribeye steak, sushi, or a molecular cuisine dish.

Why online and not a regular cooking class? Online versions have a lot more variety than your mother’s city might have, so you are sure to find something she will really enjoy.

Pay for a Subscription Service

Subscription gifts are a practical solution. They not only reduce the waste of wrapping paper but also bring joy not for a day but for months. Subscriptions are useful to the recipient long after the presents have been given, but unlike all those vouchers lost in some drawer, they are actually redeemed.

Popular subscription services include:

  • ClassPass – fitness classes;
  • HelloFresh – recipes and ingredients;
  • BirchBox – makeup.

There are many more options but to choose the one that your mum will definitely like, you will need to research the market.

Gift Card to Her Favourite Store

If finding gifts is a challenge for you, vouchers and gift cards might be the ideal choice. Amazon or iTunes/Google Play vouchers, for example, are popular and can be used in a variety of ways. Gift cards can also be more specific, and include a trip to the movies, or pay for a part of the new furnishings from IKEA.

In principle, you can't go wrong with gift cards, so it's hardly surprising that they are now available in many places and stores, including grocery stores. There, they are often placed near the cash register and on special stands.

If you know that your mother likes to shop at a specific store or enjoys online shopping, do not be afraid to buy a gift card as a present. She will surely find a use for it.

Visit Her

The last gift idea goes against the main point of this article but we all know that the best present for your mum is to actually visit her. The last few years have been spoiled by the pandemic so you may have not seen her as much as before. So why not put all your work aside and spend Mother’s Day in the company of your mum? This way you will be able to present an actual gift and see her warm smile once again.


How Can You Make Mother’s Day Special From Afar?

The flowers are the easiest way to make your mum feel appreciated and let her know that you think of her. Add a card with a personalised message to make this gift even more special.

What Are Some Unique Mother’s Day Gifts?

If you can actually visit your mum, instead of a simple gift why not give her an experience? The two of you can go for a nice dinner at a restaurant, or to a theatre. This way, Mother’s Day will stay in her heart for a long time. And let’s face it, most mums really want to spend the whole day with their children.

What Can You Send Your Mum For Mother's Day?

Flowers, chocolates, fruits and so much more. Thanks to the rapid spread of online delivery services, almost anything can be delivered. To make sure that your mum knows the gift is from you, add a card with a personal message.

What Is The Best Gift For Mother’s Day?

The time you spend together will be the best gift for any parent. However, if you have known for a long time that she wanted to buy that new sofa from that one place, maybe you can give it to her too.

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