5 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas (for at least) 5 Minutes Peace AKA "Me Time"

(AD - Contains gifted items and affiliate links) If you are a mum with your children living at home with you then I’m guessing what you want for Mother’s Day might be similar to what I want. My Mother's Day wish is summed up perfectly in one of my favourite children’s books: Five Minutes Peace by Jill Murphy. As mothers it’s not that we don’t love our children with all our heart, but it’s simply not possible to thrive without the occasional bit of quiet time, without a little bit of time where our focus is simply on our needs and not everyone else. So this year my gift guide for Mother’s Day is inspired by the brilliant book and is all about how to give that special "me time".

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An Emma Bridgewater Mug With Yellow Flowers and saying "Mummy" next to pink tulips
What Mums really need this Mother's Day

Mother’s Day Gift ideas For Some "Me Time"

A Beautiful Jigsaw

Stunning Wentworth Puzzles jigsaws make a lovely gift for all occasions. Their mini puzzles make a good mini time out, but for a more indulgent break I recommend the larger ones. This design is 500 pieces and due to the challenging and unusual shaped pieces it took a really long time to complete; hours of perfect distraction. Alternatively the 250 piece designs are a good choice for completing in an evening. All sizes include unique whimsy shapes which are precision laser cut so the pieces fit together easily. 

It is incredibly therapeutic sifting through the wooden pieces (from sustainably sourced wood) and gradually assembling the beautiful pictures. Many of the new designs for Spring have a floral feel. With options including Meguro Canal in Tokoyo, Japan (as seen below), Tea for Two (a shaped puzzle of two tea cups and a teapot) and Fox and Foxgloves they make perfect jigsaw puzzle gift ideas for Mother's Day. I am a big fan of these jigsaw puzzles (as you can read about here) and have never seen anything like them.

A Wentworth Puzzles wooden jigsaw part completed of cherry blossom over a canal
Jigsaw puzzles are a great way to clear your mind

Spa Day

When you are a parent, especially if you are a stay at home mum or work mostly from home, you are never really off duty. Even in the middle of the night or when you are on the loo one part of you is listening out for your children. This can be exhausting and means we rarely get a chance to completely switch off from mum mode. Having a proper break involves needing to go somewhere without our family and a gift of a spa day designed to help people relax makes a great choice.

If it can be arranged for a best friend to go too then it makes an even better present.  If you don’t know when or where to book then a voucher is a good alternative (but make sure it actually gets used instead of sitting on the to do list until it expires).  This voucher includes spa access and treatment for two (and is currently half price) and these vouchers include spa access and afternoon tea for two. If you are local to me then you might be interested in my post about the best spas in Essex.

Wireless headphones

Music is a great way to cut out the chaos around you and tune in to something that makes you want to dance. Or maybe listen to an audio book if you are that way inclined? Wireless headphones allow you to move around easily and still get things done and unlike earpods you wont spend half your time looking for them. Put them on and you can get carried away to a different time and place. The long playback and fast charging of these Edifier WH500 headphones make them a really convenient choice.

Black wireless on ear headphones for shutting the world out
Block out the noise and listen to your own music

A Good Read

A book is the perfect way to travel somewhere else for a while so they can make a great gift for Mother's Day. Maybe the memoir of Sally Arnold whose job as a nanny to Mick and Bianca Jagger’s daughter sent her life spinning off in a new direction? With behind the scenes tales from the world of Rock and Roll as well as the death of her fiancé in a plane crash and beating breast cancer Rock N Roll Nanny is a fascinating read.

If fiction appeals more than real life then Felix Unbound is the perfect escapism read. A fantasy fiction book for adults by Cathy Gunn. The story sees Tiffany’s cat Felix become human, but Felix starts to cause trouble and there is a twist in the tale (pun intended).

Forward After 50 by Rebecca Ronane will appeal to many mothers with older children. This motivational book aims to help reframe the minds of women over 50 who are edging closer to retirement and their children may be leaving home soon. It talks about identifying and chasing your dreams while unlearning societies limitations. With the average life expectancy in the UK increasing it’s time to get excited about life as we get older rather than seeing it as all downhill.  

3 books: a hardback fiction (Felix Unbound), a kindle book (Forward after 50) and a paperback (Rock n Roll Nanny)
Fiction, motivation or a memoir? This book selection appeals to all interests

Time to run free

One of my favourite ways to get a bit of headspace is to go for a run. Other people might prefer yoga, swimming or a workout at the gym for the same reason. Not only is exercise great for our bodies, but for our minds as well so for my final present suggestion I recommend supporting whichever form of movement is her cup of tea. Maybe that’s new trainers for running, maybe it’s a smart watch, but most importantly the physical gift needs to be followed up with ensuring time is prioritised to get out and do the exercise.

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