Review: Spidey and His Amazing Friends RC Web Crawler

AD - gifted product.  My son has loved superheroes from an early age, but many of the Marvel and DC programmes and films aren’t suitable for younger children. Marvel's Spidey and His Amazing Friends takes the Spiderman franchise and makes it preschooler friendly with an animated series that isn’t scary or violent and now there are great new toys for fans to enjoy too.

Preschooler lying on his back playing with a Spidey and His Amazing Friends toy
The Spidey RC Web Crawler is a fun preschooler toy

Spidey and His Amazing Friends: Spiderman for Preschoolers

The show is rated as 6 plus on Disney Plus, but that's because their ratings go from "All Ages" to "6 plus" with no middle option. The series was originally on Disney Junior and is aimed at preschoolers. It can also be watched on BBC iPlayer. 

Spidey and His Amazing Friends follows a group of 3 school friends who save the day in spider costumes. Peter Parker becomes Spidey, Gwen Stacy becomes Ghost-Spider and Miles Morales becomes Spin. The different personalities make it easy for children to relate and the series encourages the concepts of being clever and team work as opposed to brute force. And like any TV show that children love they will want toys so they can play with their favourite characters. Enter the new radio control vehicles from Jada Toys: you can get Spidey in a Web Crawler car or Miles Morales (or I guess technically Spin) in a 3 wheeled Web Crawler vehicle.

Close up of blue and red Spidey RC car
The car zooms across hard flooring and is slightly slower on carpet

Getting ready to race Spidey across the room
Ready, set, gooooooo!

Spidey and His Amazing Friends RC Web Crawler Review

We received the radio controlled Spidey car to review. The RC Web Crawler is a bright red and blue Spiderman style car with Spidey fixed in position posed ready to sling a web. Spidey can't be removed from the car and his only moving parts are his arms.  You also get a red and blue control unit which is a great size for preschooler hands and really easy to control. There are two buttons: one makes the vehicle move forwards the other changes the car direction while reversing. To make the car go exactly where you want it to go takes a little practice, but straight away my 4 year old loved making it shoot across the floor and spin round in circles (which is what happens if you just press the left button).

The Web Crawler is easy to control and pretty fast so you ideally want a good amount of space to play in. If you want to slow it down use it on carpet. The rubbery tyres grip the floor well and it was soon zooming around our kitchen tiles. The cupboards got hit a fair few times with the crashes, but there are no obvious signs of damage on them. Close up the car now looks like it has been through a few missions chasing baddies through the streets, but it still looks great, bright and colourful.  

Close up view of the RC Web Crawler remote control and Spidey car
The control is easy to use for preschoolers with just 2 buttons

Setting Up The RC Web Crawler

Before you can start playing both the car and handset need batteries. These are not included, but once added means you can play straight away which is better than some of our RC vehicles which need time out to recharge. The disadvantage of needing batteries though is the additional cost. The car requires 3 AAA batteries and the control unit 2 AA batteries. You need a screwdriver to access the battery compartments. The car has an on/ off switch on the bottom, the controller doesn’t, but the included instructions suggests removing the batteries from both if you aren’t going to be playing with them for a few days. You can tell if the controller is working because a red light comes on when you press either button. 

The RC Web Crawler is recommended for ages 3 upwards and my 4 year old is a great age for it. My 7, 11 and 40 something year old also wanted to play with it though so the appeal is definitely beyond just preschoolers.

You can buy it from Amazon (affiliate link) and selected other stores. 

Preschooler playing with a radio controlled Spiderman car
We have had a lot of fun playing with this RC car

Disclosure: We received this toy for honest review. Amazon link is an affiliate link, if you click on the link and make a purchase I may receive a small commission. Thank you if you choose to do this.

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