8 Best Insider Tips for Staying in Canary Wharf

Collaborative post by another author. Are you planning a visit to Canary Wharf in the near future? Whether for business or pleasure, it is always wise to know what to expect in advance. So let's look at eight pro tips that will help to ensure a pleasant and memorable stay. 

A view of the tall buildings of Canary Wharf in London from a river bus
There is a surprising amount to explore in Canary Wharf

How To Make The Most of A Stay At Canary Wharf

A Taste Of History 

While Canary Wharf has been rejuvenated in modern times, it also boasts a rich history. So, make it a point to visit the Museum of London Docklands. This is an entirely free venue and you can learn more about their exhibits through the official website. 

Take The Weather Into Account 

Similar to other locations throughout London, Canary Wharf weather can be unpredictable at times. Make it a point to view the local forecast in order to ensure that you will not be caught by surprise. If the weather isn't looking great you can use the large underground network of pathways and shopping malls to get around without going outside! These can make it tricky not to get lost, but that can be part of the fun.

Eat, Drink And Be Merry 

While Canary Wharf may have become famous for its financial sector, there are also plenty of enticing restaurants to experience during your stay. A handful of recommended venues include Gaucho, The Ivy, ROCA, and Big Easy. 

Comfort is King 

Of course, addressing your accommodation requirements should always represent a top priority. Those who are satisfied with nothing less than the very best should therefore consider the serviced apartments in Canary Wharf here. Little is left to the imagination in terms of a personalised sense of luxury. 

Investigate Public Transport Options 

Those who are unfamiliar with the layout of Canary Wharf may find driving difficult, but fortunately Canary Wharf has great public transport options including buses, London Underground Trains, Docklands Light Railway or you can even get a river bus to central London.  This can save a great deal of time, frustration and also money on parking. 

What Season is Best to Visit? 

If you are planning a trip for pleasure, it can be wise to schedule a visit during the late spring or early summer. The temperatures are quite agreeable and the chances of being laden down by rainy conditions are low. However, keep in mind that Canary Wharf can often be busy with tourists during the height of summer (generally between early June and late August). Another great time to visit is in late January when you can enjoy the free Winter Lights Festival with a number of light installations around the area as well a large ice rink.

Soak up the Sun 

One lesser known secret of Canary Wharf is that there are actually a number of open air parks to enjoy. Jubilee Park is a prime example. Not only can you experience spectacular views of the city skyline, but it is always possible to enjoy a picnic with family or friends. If the weather isn't so good then check out the free Crossrail Place Roof Garden, an undercover garden with exotic plants found on the top floor of the Crossrail building.

Network in Advance 

If you happen to be arriving here for business-related purposes, one practical tip involves networking with local professionals in advance of the journey itself. This is an excellent way to better appreciate what the region has to offer and it is often possible to obtain additional recommendations in terms of what activities are the most relevant. 

As always, feel free to research this topic in greater detail. You can then make the most out of what this unique metropolitan area has in store.

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